Lacking Employee Engagement? Only 42% of Employees Know their Organization's Mission

February 20, 2014

Despite all the hype about employee engagement, an abundance of new tools and programs for employee engagement, and an explosion of strategies to engage their employees, businesses still struggle to achieve a workplace where employees understand and embrace the organization’s mission, vision and values. In a recent Forbes article, Ryan Scott outlines “The 7 Ways […]

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Recognition Is a Force Multiplier

February 18, 2014

The following is a guest article by Kevin Kruse.   A force multiplier—a term that is commonly used in the military—refers to an attribute that makes any given force much more effective than the same force would be without it. Consider for a moment your “force”—your employees, your team members, your colleagues. They have knowledge, […]

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SMILE Your Way to Success – 5 Steps to Employee Engagement

January 28, 2014

Great leaders invest in their people.  Keynote speaker and author Lisa Ryan of Grategy shares 5 steps to building authentic employee engagement in your team.  Make these strategies (…or grategies as Lisa might describe them…) your personal work-style and lifestyle!      by Lisa Ryan of Grategy If employees are the lifeblood of your business, how do […]

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Exclusive Webinar with Kevin Sheridan, Best-Selling Author and Employee Engagement Expert

January 22, 2014

Join us as Terryberry’s Mike Byam hosts New York Times Best-selling Author and Employee Engagement Expert Kevin Sheridan for an exclusive webcast. In this webcast, Mike Byam, Managing Partner of  Terryberry hosts Best-Selling Author and Employee Engagement Expert Kevin Sheridan in a candid discussion about how to create a positive workplace culture that engages employees […]

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Five Strategies to Increase Employee Engagement

January 10, 2014

According to Gallup’s State of Global Workplace report, only an alarming 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at their place of work. What do these “engaged” workers exemplify? You will find these are the employees that are willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. They understand how their personal work relates to the […]

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HRPA's Best Practices for Employee Engagement

December 10, 2013

A culture of appreciation leads to people working together to achieve more. Not only does this help managers give employees the recognition they need, it also gives your employees a sense of ownership and participation in your organization’s recognition culture. As Andrew Carnegie points out, highlight the contributions that are important to your business. “The […]

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Recognition Frequency: The Disconnect Between Perception and Reality

November 1, 2012

There’s no denying the connection between return-on-investment and employee recognition. In fact, Bersin & Associates acknowledges that companies with a recognition program set in place are also experiencing 31% lower turnover compared to their coequal’s inefficient programs. In a recent article written by David Shadovitz in the Human Resource Executive, even though this connection is […]

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WOW! Workplace Cited in Chicago School of Professional Psychology Research

December 20, 2011

An applied research project on performance management systems by Christine McAlpine at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology referenced findings from The WOW! Workplace by Terryberry’s Managing Partner, Mike Byam. “An employee recognition program needs to be consistent and well communicated in order to be successful and provide the right type of reward or motivation […]

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Salvaging Employee Relations

November 4, 2011

According to a recent report from Global Thinking, employee loyalty is at a three-year low, down 47% since 2008.   More than a third of employees are looking for greener pastures,  and workers are losing confidence in their employer’s loyalty to them.   According to the report, two thirds of employees feel their company is […]

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