Employee Engagement Platform

One Platform, So Many Solutions.

When recognition, rewards, wellness, and analytics combine, company culture begins to transform. Turn your organization into an engaged, purpose-led team through the power of one comprehensive tool - the Be Platform.


Transforming employee engagement with one powerful platform

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Be recognized, be well, and be
connected wherever you work.



Be rewarded with merchandise,
experiences and custom awards.

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Be successful with surveys and
analytics that track real impact.

Be Engaged

Build culture through value-driven recognition, holistic wellness, and open communication.


With social recognition never miss a chance to say thanks or celebrate a key milestone or service award. Create a recognition culture tailored to your employees, your values, and your budget.


Engage your team with wellness challenges that expand corporate health, build team camaraderie, and improve employee mental wellbeing. All while having fun.


With announcements and reminders sent via mobile app,
never leave employees out of the loop again.

Terryberry's step challenge app provides an activity converter for +120 wellness activities, including wheelchair accessibility, and converts them into steps, allowing for all types of movement for all employees.

Be Rewarded

Give more than a gift - give rewards that ensure your employees feel a part of the greater mission of your company.

Reward Platform

Offer a best-in-class shopping experience for merchandise from thousands of top brands, as well as travel and charitable gifts. International? No problem. We even offer international fulfillment.

Custom Awards

From jewelry, to desktop, to presentation kits, Terryberry offers the widest selection of custom awards on the market today.

Custom Swag

Foster a strong workplace culture by building a sense of community and company identity with SWAG.

Be Successful

Ensure your engagement strategy is moving the needle with employee surveys, 360 feedback, and analytics.


Gain a clear view into your employees’ wants, needs, and expectations with pulse surveys and start driving organizational change.

360 Feedback

Offer a channel for employees to provide constructive, anonymous feedback for managers, peers, and direct reports.


Bring business intelligence into all of your employee feedback data through easy-to-interpret visualizations.



What should I look for in an employee engagement platform?

When selecting an employee engagement platform for your organization, it's important to make sure the platform meets your specific needs and objectives. Here are some important aspects to look for:

  • Easy to use/intuitive UX
  • Integrates with your existing tech stack
  • Houses your engagement needs in one platform
  • Analytics that track impact

Terryberry's employee engagement platform brings recognition, wellness, and surveys together in one, easy-to-use platform.

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