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Start a one-time step challenge! A commitment-free step challenge app designed to engage your employees, no strings attached.

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Step Challenges Made Easy

At Terryberry, we make walking challenges easy. Simply download the app, connect your fitness tracker or convert activities to steps directly in the app, and get moving together from anywhere.

Not ready for an annual program? Get started with a one-time challenge, subscription-free, and explore what our platform has to offer.

Maximize Inclusion, Maximize Participation

We developed an easy-to-use activity converter that allows users to move how they choose, making wellness accessible for all ability levels & body types.

We have everyone covered with over 120 exercises and activities, including wheelchair accessibility!

Terryberry's step challenge app provides an activity converter for +120 wellness activities, including wheelchair accessibility, and converts them into steps, allowing for all types of movement for all employees.

Boost Company Culture
& Morale With Map Challenges

Travel the globe with our unique and engaging map-based challenges. Interact with fellow participants through leaderboards that also track progress.

Plus, build healthy competition by competing either
individually or in teams.

Sync With All Your Favorite Devices

Terryberry's Be Well app connects to the leading fitness trackers.
No device? No problem! Track steps using your smartphone.


Motivate, Move, Succeed

Our one-time step challenges allow you to be up and running in no time.
Inspire healthier lifestyles and boost company culture today.


Determine Your Program's Duration

Choose how long your program runs for - from a week, a month, or several months.

Teams Icons

Teams or Individuals

Choose to run activity challenges for individuals or have teams compete against each other.

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Unlimited Challenges, Unlimited Steps

Opt for as many challenges with as many activities as you'd like during your time frame.

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