Employee Recognition Case Studies

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Case Study Education concept. Analysis of the situation to find a solution.

Greene King

Greene King is a renowned British hospitality and brewing company founded in 1799. It operates pubs, restaurants, and hotels throughout the UK. Boasting a rich brewing history, they have a portfolio of popular beer brands, and a strong commitment to employee well-being and engagement.

This was achieved by implementing the Bespoke Benefits Hub, a central platform for accessing relevant benefits and wellbeing information. Users can conveniently access all rewards, perks, and benefits in one place through a simple Single Sign-On (SSO) login.


Moda – Walker Tracker Case Study

The following case study describes Moda Health’s experience using the Walker Tracker wellness challenge platform to increase participation and physical activity level within its wellness program.

After their 2016 challenge, Moda Health looked to update their step challenge. As personal fitness devices had become more popular and affordable, Moda Health partnered with Walker Tracker to improve their step challenge experience for both program administrators and employees. Walker Tracker’s reporting capabilities allowed for the program administrators to easily view program participation and step data to evaluate the success of their step challenge.

EverWalk Logo

EverWalk – Walker Tracker Case Study

EverWalk’s partnership with Walker Tracker came to fruition during one of the most unparalleled and challenging times in recent memory - the Covid-19 pandemic. Filled with fear and handicapped by uncertainty, the community found itself in need of direction. EverWalk and Walker Tracker worked together to create step challenges based on Diana’s swim from Cuba to Key West, and another challenge based on her mother’s experience crossing the Pyrenees Mountains into Northern Spain during World War II. These step challenges were huge hits. “During the first 3-4 months, we had people write to us from all over the world and say that those walks, which Diana crafted, kept them going,” Victoria says.


CorVel – Walker Tracker Case Study

An Activity Challenge Solution In 2019, Corvel began this partnership with Walker Tracker to enhance their activity challenge experience. With Walker Tracker’s software, they created custom challenges aimed at increasing engagement and camaraderie among CorVel employees nationwide. Walker Tracker’s reporting capabilities allowed for administrators to easily track progress and evaluate the success of their step challenges. CorVel utilized Walker Tracker’s Activity Converter to engage employees of all fitness and ability levels by allowing employees to participate through the activities they are most comfortable doing.


La-Z-Boy PEAK Performance Program Rewards and Motivate it’s Top Performers

Overview: La-Z-Boy needed a sales incentive program that would reward and motivate its top performers, increase overall sales, and develop a clear set of standards that represented outstanding performance that could be communicated company-wide.

The PEAK Performance Program was successfully implemented by Terryberry and helped accomplish the original goals of engaging the sales team, motivating them to sell the full spectrum of La-Z-Boy product, and communicating a set of uniform sales standards.


360 Recognition Connects Non-Desk Employees

Overview: Nuna Logistics needed a way to connect their largely remote workforce and provide meaningful recognition.

Nuna Logistics successfully implemented Terryberry's 360 Recognition Program, which gave them tools to easily recognize contributions based on their mission, vision, and values as an organization.


Service Award Engagement Improved with Online Tools and Award Options

Overview: Hunter Engineering Company is a global leader in automotive service equipment, offering state-of-the-art wheel alignment systems, wheel balancers, tire changers, vehicle inspection equipment, and brake lathes.

As Hunter Engineering’s workforce continued to evolve, they realized the same old Employee Recognition Strategy needed to evolve in order to reflect this transformation. After implementing a new award selection, online reminder tools, and award redemption options, Hunter Engineering saw increased employee participation and dramatically reduced HR administration time.


Recognition Program Increases Employee Engagement by 9%

Overview: Tidelands Health had a goal to increase employee engagement. The health system wanted to accomplish this by giving meaningful recognition to its employee partners.

After implementing Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform, employee engagement at Tidelands Health increased from 68% to 77% in the first year.


Recognition Builds Community at Chelsea Groton Bank

Overview: Chelsea Groton Bank wanted to provide staff with more recognition of day-to-day contributions. They also wanted their recognition program to reinforce their company culture and strengthen their internal brand.

Chelsea Groton expanded their partnership with rewards and recognition provider Terryberry, adding the 360 Recognition Platform onto their existing service award program.


Recognition Reinforces Organizational Core Values

Overview: Freedom Financial Network wanted to improve employee retention within their call center environment where their workforce is made up of 60% millennials and rapidly growing in size.

Using the Give a WOW module of Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform, Freedom Financial team members can give peer-to-peer recognition when they observe coworkers demonstrating one of the organization’s four core values.


The Co-op Celebrate Colleague Loyalty with New Career Celebration Scheme

Overview: The Co-op appointed TerryberryReward to create a bespoke, online reward and recognition solution that was easily accessible to the entire workforce to ensure all its employees’ long service milestones are celebrated and their commitment rewarded by line managers.

Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform scheme has been well received by the Co-op’s workforce and the organisation has witnessed a real morale boost among staff as they help celebrate their colleagues’ careers.


Employee Recognition in Financial Institutions

Overview: Retention and engagement are top priorities for banks and credit unions. Financial organizations that implement the 360 Recognition platform for employee recognition experience an average engagement of 77%.


Unique Incentive Award Propels Sales Achievements

North Star Memorial Group is a privately held funeral, cremation and memorialization company. In order to reward sales professionals who are successfully able to navigate the constantly changing waters of their industry, NorthStar implemented a Mariners Club for top performers. Inductees are rewarded with an exclusive, and unique award that has helped to drive sales success in this organization for 10 years.


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