Social Recognition Platform & Program

Looking for a way to empower your team to create a dynamic culture of recognition? Terryberry’s Social Recognition Platform & Program offers programs for both employees and managers to give and receive recognition. 

Develop a social recognition program to unlock anytime + anywhere recognition


Peer to Peer Recognition

Give a WOW from Terryberry is the premier integrated social recognition platform for employee peer-to-peer recognition in the workplace. Peer-to-peer recognition allows every employee to have a voice.  Base recognition on your mission, vision, and values and highlight success stories from across the company.  Give a WOW allow recognition anytime, anywhere, and to anybody.

Manager-Driven Recognition

With Terryberry’s Award Your Team program for manager social recognition, group leaders have the tools to recognize and reward their staff for great work in the moment.  Use recognition awards and points-based recognition to empower your managers to lead by example.

Send Recognition
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Partner with Terryberry to create your employee recognition program

  • Onboarding & Training
  • Semi-annual Reviews
  • Analytics & Reporting

“This program gives us a chance to see how our employees are making an impact on a deeper level than we could have before.” 

Rachel Evrett HR Specialist

Pricing and Features

With 360 Recognition, create a program as unique as your organization. Whether your company is just getting started with recognition or you are looking to add features and integrations to take your program to the next level. Simply tell us your budget and what you would like to recognize, and we will provide solutions to match.



Recognize key employee anniversaries and milestones unique to your organization.

Core Features Include:

Dedicated Customer Service

Automated HRIS Feed

Basic Reporting

Site Branding

Employee Communication

Manager Notifications

Single Sign On


Empower your team to recognize and reward in real-time with peer and manager-driven recognition.

All Core Features, Plus:

Engagement Analytics

Gift Cards


Unlock full 360 Recognition to recognize, reward, and engage your employees.

All Plus Features, Plus:

Add On's

Single Sign-On

Custom Site Branding

Unlock recognition through employee & customer feedback

A single hub to house all of your recognition initiatives
from one easy-to-manage platform.

Get started in no time.