Social Recognition Platform & Program

Looking for a way to empower your team and create a dynamic culture of recognition? Terryberry’s social recognition software offers solutions for employees to recognize their peers and for managers to celebrate their employees’ success.

Tap Into Social Recognition

Terryberry's social recognition program resembles an easy-to-use social media platform that allows
leaders, managers, and colleagues to acknowledge and celebrate great achievements. 

Customizable Engagement Options
for Employees of All Levels

Peer to Peer Recognition

A little appreciation makes a world of difference – especially in the workplace. To perform at their best, employees need to know that their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

Peer to peer recognition allows every employee to have a voice. Base recognition on your mission, vision, and values and highlight success stories from across the company. Terryberry's social recognition platform allows for on the spot recognition anytime, anywhere, and for anybody.

Manager-Driven Recognition

As leaders in the company, managers’ recognition is oftentimes the most significant to employees. By showing that their efforts are being noticed, employees become more motivated and engaged in their work.

Terryberry's social recognition program gives managers and leaders the tools they need to reward their teams for great work, review nominations from peers, and access to powerful reports that provide insight on rising stars. Empower managers to lead by example by awarding their teams with points-based recognition that employees can use to redeem on the Reward Platform.

Why is Social Recognition
so Important?

In today's environment, effective recognition has never been more critical to business success. That’s why we developed social recognition as part of our 360 Plus subscription, an online social recognition platform that lets team members give recognition anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s a major accomplishment or an everyday win, your team deserves to be recognized.

Create a Culture
of Recognition

When employees believe they’ll be recognized, they’re 2.7 times more likely to be highly engaged. A recognition culture helps boost morale and engagement while decreasing turnover and absenteeism.

Reinforce Mission,
Vision, and Values

With 360 Plus, your social recognition program is customized to highlight the contributions that are important to your organization's mission, vision, and values.

Have More Fun
in the Workplace

82% of people are happier when they’re recognized at work - because it feels good to be recognized! 360 Plus helps you create a culture where people want to come to work everyday.

Foster Immediate

Timely recognition is critical for success, which can be difficult with busy schedules. But with 360 Plus, it takes a matter of minutes to give on the spot recognition to a teammate.

Provide Exciting
Reward Options

Redeem points online for items and experiences! Choose from thousands of reward options in Terryberry’s vast online storefront.

Go International
and Multilingual

Terryberry's 360 Plus program supports 70 languages, allowing everyone in your company to participate regardless of where they are on the globe.

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Pricing and Features

With 360 Recognition, create a program as unique as your organization. Whether your company is just getting started with recognition or you are looking to add features and integrations to take your program to the next level. Simply tell us your budget and what you would like to recognize, and we will provide solutions to match.



Recognize key employee anniversaries and milestones unique to your organization.

Core Features Include:

Dedicated Customer Service

Automated HRIS Feed

Basic Reporting

Site Branding

Employee Communication

Manager Notifications

Single Sign On


Empower your team or workforce to recognize and reward in real-time with peer and manager-driven recognition.

All Core Features, Plus:

Engagement Analytics


Recognition Mailbox


Unlock the full 360 Recognition app to recognize, reward, and engage your employees.

All Plus Features, Plus:

Add On's

Single Sign-On

Custom Site Branding

Get started in no time.