Custom Awards

From onboarding to career milestones to sales and safety incentives, Terryberry
can help you celebrate your employees with awards that make a difference.

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Symbolic Awards Drive Results

Celebrate Moments That Matter

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With our in-house factory and expert jewelry craftsmen, we bring your vision to life, creating personalized and unforgettable tokens of appreciation. Terryberry’s wide range of options, combined with our in-house artisan and talented jewelry craftsmen guarantee a level of personalization that will leave a lasting impression on your recipients.





Presentation Kits

Elevate the art of recognition with timeless awards from Terryberry. Created with customization top of mind, Terryberry’s awards create remarkable moments and leave employees feeling seen, heard, and valued for their unique contributions.

Custom Awards

Unleash the power of recognition with Terryberry's prestigious awards, meticulously crafted to inspire unforgettable moments. Our customizable masterpieces are a testament to the unique value each employee brings, leaving a lasting impression that resonates with their dedication and achievements.


Custom Rings and Jewelry

Discover the art of appreciation with Terryberry's exquisitely crafted rings, emblems, and lapel pins. Each tells a unique story that symbolizes the individual and their accomplishment in a lasting way.  For over a 100 years Terryberry has used only the highest quality materials by the finest craftsmen to create symbolic recognition jewelry for more than 25,000 organizations worldwide.


Company Rings

Stand out with a unique custom award ring from Terryberry artisans, tailored to your organization's style. Make a statement with a one-of-a-kind custom award ring from Terryberry artisans

Custom Pins & Charms

Make a lasting impression with Terryberry's expertly crafted custom recognition pins and service pins, designed to reflect your identity with style and sophistication

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Custom Logo Watches

The history of giving timepieces to employees is a storied one whose motto was "You gave us your time, now we are giving you ours” Terryberry takes this time-honored gift to the next level with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Custom Branded Packaging

Transform your awards into a truly special experience with Terryberry's customized branding and packaging options. Elevate the presentation and make it unforgettable.

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Why Recognition Matters

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