Employee Wellness Programs

Terryberry can help benefit your organization by designing and implementing a Wellness Program that encourages healthy behaviors and rewards employees for taking steps to be well.  Effective employee wellness programs are a great way for employers to reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, employee wellbeing, and improve engagement.

Wellness Wellness Programs to keep your workforce healthy & happy.

We make it easy to run wellness programs and activity challenges that will increase staff engagement, expand corporate health, build team camaraderie, and improve employee mental health in the workplace.


Important Benefits of Employee &
Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee wellness plan and programs have an average benefit of 150% return on investment, according to a study by Rand Corporation.

Wellness Programs can create a less stressful environment for employees which can, in turn, lead to higher levels of employee happiness in the workplace.

They can help prevent and reduce illness which can be harmful to your employees and a hindrance to productivity.

Reducing health care costs and the strain that is placed on organizations when employees miss work due to illness are obvious reasons that investing in employee wellness and health programs is important.

Emotional health and mental wellness are also important for a healthy workplace and workforce. When employees are feeling well, they are more focused, energetic, and ready to give their best effort each day.

How activity & wellness challenges work in our employee wellness programs

In an activity or wellness challenge, people take part in fun and engaging activities competing with themselves or against colleagues and friends – individually or in teams. Progress is tracked automatically and results are posted on a virtual map or leaderboard so employees or participants can see how they’re doing.

The goal? Creating and forming healthy workplace and wellbeing habits for employees that outlast the challenge itself.


Starting a Corporate Wellness Program & Reward System

Our wellness program makes it easy to communicate, build, and run your own customized activity challenges and reward system. Our built-in activity plan converter translates activities into steps, and pairs with virtually every fitness device or app – so no one’s left out. We collect and display that real-time wellness data on a private and secure virtual map and fun leaderboard.

It’s fun, inclusive team building that helps everyone achieve their personal wellness goals.

Set your workplace wellness program goals

Want to increase workplace engagement? Build camaraderie?
Boost physical wellness and mental health of employees?


Get Your Program Started Today

Confidently create a unique workplace challenge with our streamlined startup process and onboard your team.

We have a perfect complement of tools to ensure you get maximum participation

Keep employees engaged

From day one to the grand finale, we make engagement programs
and motivation easy.


What Makes Our Employee Wellness Program Better

Why Our Wellness Product

The ultimate platform for employee
engagement and wellness


Map-based, themed challenges for Staff

Our one-of-a-kind map-based challenges allow you to drive employee engagement while delivering compelling content and inspiring workplace competition.


Highly-rated mobile apps for the Workplace

 Connect the app directly with Apple Health or Google Fit. With over 15,000 five-star reviews, members love the app!


Wellness Programs for Teams & Organizations

Want to build teams and organize them into multiple hierarchies? Our segmentation feature allows you the flexibility to match your organization’s workplace hierarchy through the app.


Social Engagement

We use social features to boost your employees' participation and engagement. Such as member created challenges, team and challenge discussions, and journal style commenting.


Program Dashboard

All your data in one place. Want insights into your long-term trajectory or real time status of employees? You got it.


Administration, we made this reward system for you

Whether it’s easy setup and administration of your challenge platform, expert content and communications, delivery of insightful results, or analysis for incentives, benefits and rewards, this platform was made for you.

Sync with all of your devices

Whether your company provides devices or it’s bring-your-own, we’ve got you covered.

Apple Watch
Google Fit
Wear by Google
Apple Health

Employee Wellness Program Resources

Case Study Place Holders-01

CorVel Case Study

Corvel’s Corporate Office Manager points to wellness for increased engagement and participation in their program, specifically citing ease of use and device compatibility.

Case Study Place Holders-03

Moda Case Study

Read Moda Health’s experience using
the Wellness challenge platform to
increase participation and physical
activity level within its company.

Case Study Place Holders-02

Learn about EverWalk’s partnership
as it came to fruition during one of the
most unparalleled and challenging times
in recent memory - the Covid-19 pandemic.

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