Employee Wellness Programs

Enrich your company’s culture with wellness programs that motivate, empower, and engage.

Wellness Programs to keep your workforce healthy and happy

We make it easy to run wellness programs and activity challenges that increase staff engagement, expand corporate health, build team camaraderie, and improve employee mental health.

Important Benefits of Employee and Corporate Wellness Programs

ICONS money

Employee wellness programs have an average benefit of 150% return on investment, according to a study by Rand Corporation.


ICONS less stress

Wellness Programs can create a less stressful environment for employees which can lead to higher levels of employee happiness in the workplace.


Employee Productivity

They can help prevent and reduce illnesses, which are not only harmful to your employees but a hindrance to productivity.



ICONS hospitital

Emotional health and mental wellness are critical for a healthy work environment. When employees feel their best, they’re better equipped for creativity, innovation, and adaptability.



ICONS happiness

Employers can improve their workforce’s mental health by adding to their existing wellness programs and providing resources to better accommodate remote workers.



Terryberry's step challenge app includes leaderboards and geographical maps that make step challenges fun, engaging, and encourages more movement.

How corporate activity and wellness challenges work


In wellness challenges, employees take part in engaging activities designed to promote well-being. In these challenges, employees compete with themselves or against colleagues and friends – individually or in teams.


By syncing with virtually every fitness device, progress is tracked automatically via the app. Results are posted on a virtual map or leaderboard so participants can see how they’re doing, chat with other participants, and learn more about each challenge.


The goal? Creating a healthy workplace and well-being habits for employees that outlast the challenge itself.

Starting a Corporate Wellness Program and Reward System

Starting a corporate wellness program from scratch can be daunting for any HR or wellness coordinator. The good news is it doesn’t have to be.

Terryberry’s wellness program makes it easy to build, run, and track your own customized challenges and reward system.

Setting your corporate wellness program goals

Want to increase employee engagement? Build camaraderie? Boost physical wellness and mental health of employees? Not sure what your goals are? We can help there too.

Next, Get Your Program Started

Confidently create unique workplace challenges with our streamlined startup process. Then, start onboarding your team so the fun can begin.

Keep employees engaged

Participation is key. From day one to the grand finale, our engagement strategies ensure your employees stay excited about wellness no matter the challenge.

Terryberry's step challenge app admin panel shows important engagement metrics of employees' wellness activities.

What is Companion?

From new hires to experienced executives, we all have tough days. But Terryberry’s cutting-edge app, Companion, helps companies develop their team’s mental muscles to cope with even the most demanding days. 

Expert-led training

Online training workshops to help improve and sustain the mental well-being of you and your team.

Quarterly content updates

New content focused on meeting seasonal and emerging needs across the workforce.

iOS and Android app

Available on the App Store or Google Play for Apple and Android devices.

Sync with all of your devices

Whether your company provides devices or it’s bring-your-own, we’ve got you covered.

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