Employee Engagement ROI Calculator

Employee Engagement ROI Calculator

Employee Recognition is the #1 driver of employee engagement. Find out how much an effective employee recognition program can impact your bottom line by using the turnover calculator below.

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Research by the Society of Human Resource Management indicates that organizations with strategic recognition programs have 23.4% less turnover than organizations without. Meanwhile, the cost of turnover is at least 20% of an employee’s salary, and often much higher. Using these statistics and your inputs for salary and turnover rates in your organization, an employee recognition program could conservatively deliver the estimated savings calculated above in turnover costs alone!

Not only can you reduce your turnover costs with effective employee recognition, but recognition is also the #1 driver of engagement. And organizations with highly engaged employees also have:

  • 50% higher productivity
  • 44% higher profits
  • 50% higher customer satisfaction

See the infographic.