What is Employee Recognition?

Everyone deserves to feel seen and recognized in a meaningful way. When you do that in ways as unique as your people and culture are, you unlock a shared purpose resulting in an unstoppable team.

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Build an employee recognition culture using 3 Tiers of Recognition

Day-to-Day Recognition

Appreciate one-another daily to create an environment for success.

Informal Recognition

Anytime recognition which acknowledges the behaviors that move you toward your mission.

Formal Recognition

Formal recognition involves symbolic and tangible awards that celebrate significant milestones and achievements.

What is an employee recognition program?

Employee recognition programs create a framework so that employees can be recognized consistently and in line with your organization’s goals. Terryberry can help guide you through this process to ensure that your recognition program is successful.


Service Awards for Employee Anniversaries

Terryberry can help you celebrate your employees’ years of service milestones with meaningful awards and recognition.  Being recognized on service anniversaries helps show staff that their contributions over the years are valued. 

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Peer to Peer Recognition

Create a dynamic culture of appreciation through the social-media style interface that makes recognition simple, fun, and meaningful. Give a WOW is the premiere platform for peer-to-peer recognition in the workplace. 

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Employee Engagement Software

Performance Recognition & Incentives

Looking for an effective way to incentivize your employees or channel partners? Terryberry can help you design and implement a performance-based reward and recognition program that will engage and motivate your individual team members or group to achieve targeted goals.

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Comprehensive Recognition

Terryberry's Employee Recognition Platform is one hub with everything you need to build an effective employee recognition program in your organization. Discover what makes Terryberry’s Employee Recognition Platform so effective.

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