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Terryberry Launches New Reward Platform

February 7, 2022

Online Reward Platform Shopping with Phone

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., February 4, 2022Terryberry, the recognition company that helps create engaged, purpose-led organizations, announces the launch of its new Reward Platform. This new Reward Platform allows organizations to provide their employees with meaningful rewards they will genuinely enjoy. 

The new Reward Platform offers a best-in-class shopping experience for all reward recipients, anywhere around the world. With fulfillment centers across the globe, the Terryberry Reward Platform offers both globally and locally sourced items appropriate for all reward recipients. Having served over 44,000 clients worldwide, Terryberry is thrilled to continue its tradition of providing world-class solutions. 

Terryberry’s new redemption platform enables organizations to offer thousands of award options from leading brands, including Tag Heuer, Dyson, Kate Spade, Gucci, Canon, Samsung, etc. Additionally, the Reward Platform offers redemption options such as hotel and travel, life experiences, gift cards, and charitable donations. 

“Today, more than ever, companies are struggling with employee engagement and retention. With Terryberry’s new Reward Platform, our customers can be confident that any recognition received will be converted into rewards their employees will truly value,” said Brian Snodgrass, Vice President of Product and Technology. “Our customers will be able to provide their employees with the most robust rewards and products with the Reward Platform, ensuring the highest level of employee excitement and satisfaction.” 

The redemption process provides a fun and easy experience for the end-user. With excellent features like DreamTracker,  reward recipients can set goals toward specific items of their choosing and track their progress along the way through the application. Our customer’s reward recipients can select the perfect gift using the platform’s online redemption site, or a traditional employee gift catalog. The new Reward Platform was developed and designed to exceed expectations and fulfill the needs of Terryberry’s customers. 

Terryberry’s new platform works with all reward and recognition programs: Milestone and Service Awards, Performance and Incentive Rewards, Corporate Wellness Incentives, and Business gifts. Utilizing the Reward Platform is a great new choice for service awards, employee gifts, and other employee recognition awards. Moreover, customers will be able to integrate this platform with any current Terryberry program. Customers will be able to recognize and reward any achievement, big or small. From gifts on a budget to significant awards for major career milestones. 

Terryberry’s mission is to inspire people to achieve remarkable things. When people are recognized for their dedication and efforts, they are inspired to achieve more. It is Terryberry’s hope that the Reward Platform will aid in that mission. With thousands of name-brand merchandise, travel, life experiences, and charitable donation options, there is a reward for everyone. 

About Terryberry

Terryberry is your partner to create an engaged, purpose-led organization through the power of recognition. Founded in 1918 by H.R. Terryberry, the family-founded company that provides global recognition solutions for more than 44,000 clients worldwide. With over a century of experience, Terryberry strives to make others feel seen and recognized in a meaningful way. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Terryberry is committed to igniting engagement and recognition in every organization through our solutions and platforms. Visit Terryberry’s website to learn more about how to better recognize your employees and explore current job opportunities. 

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