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How to Use HR Tech to Elevate Your Employee Recognition Program

Employee recognition brings numerous benefits to businesses. Employees who feel like their work is respected and appreciated will feel a sense of purpose, and be more engaged and productive. Without the right tools, HR teams may struggle to implement an effective employee recognition program. Tracking results manually is complex, and HR teams juggle that responsibility […]

Social Platform Multiplies Recognition Moments

Hundreds of employee engagement stats come out after the new year but these numbers usually tell the same story. Employees feel that they don’t get enough recognition from management. In contrast, managers say they already give a lot of praise and don’t have time to give more. Unfortunately, this is where the conversation usually ends. Here […]

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DRIVE – The Science and the Soul of Motivation

How much of our motivation happens in the forefront of our mind vs. behind the scenes?   Daniel Pink shared that there is clear evidence that we are DRIVEN by autonomy, mastery and purpose.  Are we always thinking about these things on a daily basis?   What types of things can we do to keep our drive up?   At Terryberry, we are in the business of DRIVE.   We want to go deeper into what motivates people and keeps them performing at a high level both personally and professionally.


Infographics Employee Recognition Infographics In our infographics, you’ll see that companies engaging in successful employee recognition programs experience better business results.  Recognition is connected with higher profits, higher customer satisfaction, and lower rates of employee turnover. Learn more about employee engagement rates and ways to recognize your staff, and see exactly why employee recognition is […]