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16 Unexpected Random Acts of Kindness at Work

December 22, 2021

Have you heard? In the new year, Random Acts of Kindness Week begins February 13-19th, 2022! Here are 16 unexpected random acts of kindness that will make your workplace a happier place to be this week.
1. Help an officemate with a difficult or unpleasant task without being asked.
2. Leave a favorite coffee or soda on a co-worker’s desk.
3. Send a note to the boss telling about something spectacular that a colleague has recently done at work.
4. Smile at everyone you pass in the halls.
5. Send a photo eCard just to say, “I noticed”. (This app lets you do it for free)
6. Plaster your office neighbor’s computer with sticky notes, each with a different trait you appreciate about him or her.
7. Give a genuine recommendation to someone on their LinkedIn or other business network profile.
8. Ask about a co-worker’s kids.
9. Hand-write a note of appreciation and mail it to a coworker’s home.
10. Interject a positive comment when others are gossiping.
11. Pay a sincere compliment to your boss.
12. Leave a sticky note with an inspirational message on a coworker’s windshield.
13.  Brush ice or snow off coworkers’ cars in the parking lot.
14. Give a co-worker a book on a topic that interests him or her.
15.  Ask a newbie out to lunch.
16.  Get a few coworkers together and make a video about the awesomeness of one of your peers.


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