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What Is Employee Engagement, Anyway?

January 17, 2022

Terryberry frequently gives seminars for Human Resources and leadership groups around North America on topics of employee engagement and employee recognition. We often like to start these programs by asking our groups: 'What does employee engagement mean to you?'

What characteristics describe an engaged employee.  Here are some of the answers we've heard from HR professionals and business leaders:

Highly engaged employees are...

  • productive
  • present
  • enthusiastic
  • empowered
  • dialed in
  • passionate
  • proactive
  • motivated
  • driven
  • inspired
  • eager
  • helpful
  • collaborative

Organizations with highly engaged employees far exceed their peers in profitability, retention, customer impression, and productivity. What is your organization doing to engage your employees and keep them engaged throughout their careers?

Do you have an employee engagement synonym or characteristic of engaged employees? Leave a comment and share.

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