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Designing Your Recognition Program

A Framework for Successful Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition is all we do.  When you partner with Terryberry, our recognition experts will help you design and execute an employee recognition program that achieves your goals.  We can help at any or all steps along the way.

Terryberry supports employee recognition programs for organizations of all sizes and industry types.

With our comprehensive 360 Recognition Platform, you can select one or more modules to fit your needs now, with the flexibility to grow as your needs change over time.

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Designing an Employee Recognition Program –  Important Questions to Ask

Of course, when you partner with Terryberry for your recognition program, the answer to all of these questions will be “Yes!”

  • Will your recognition program effectively reinforce your organization’s mission, vision and values?
  • Is your recognition program scalable as your organization grows?
  • Does your recognition program effectively engage your employees?
  • Is your recognition program flexible to adapt as your goals and objectives change?
  • Does your recognition program have communication tools to launch and maintain participation over time.
  • Does your recognition program appropriately reflect your employer brand?
  • Does your recognition program accommodate your organizational structure – locations, departments, languages, offsite and non-desk employees?
  • Does your recognition program fit your budget?
  • Do your employees and managers understand how your recognition program works and how they can participate?
  • Does your recognition program include tracking and monitoring tools to ensure that employees are recognized consistently and appropriately?
  • Is the administration of your recognition program simple to manage?
  • Does your recognition program meet your system integration requirements?
  • Does your recognition program include a strategy for objectively assessing performance?
  • Is your recognition program sustainable over time?

The end result will be an employee recognition program that engages your team, promotes a positive workplace culture, supports your business objectives, and requires minimal internal administration support!

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