New tool makes it easier for managers to recognize service anniversaries

February 19, 2018

Terryberry is excited to announce a new feature of our AwardChoice program that helps managers or owners to be more involved in recognizing their employees’ milestone anniversaries. With the Manager Notifications feature, supervisors receive an email when one of their staff is approaching a special career milestone.  The notification can provide a reminder and instructions so that […]

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Tree Themed Recognition – Watch it Grow

December 20, 2017

It’s WOW Wednesday! HR leaders, execs, and managers: How do you WOW the people who go above and beyond for you in your business? Or, how have you been WOWed? Today’s WOW Wednesday comes from Heena She says: “We are a vegetation management company. On a monthly basis, we award a “treemendous” employee. On a weekly basis, […]

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How to Communicate Company Goals and Impact Employee Behavior

October 23, 2017

Terryberry recently announced a new feature of the popular 360 Recognition Platform that is expected to have a major impact on the role of leaders in employee recognition programs.  The 360 Recognition platform itself is an all-in-one hub for managing employee recognition.  The newly released Organizational Communication feature is designed to engage executive teams more deeply […]

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3 Workplace Trends Affecting Your Recognition Culture

September 11, 2017

No doubt, we’re in the midst of a lot of changes in business. As leaders, we need to be prepared to adapt to the needs of our changing workforce and how these trends are affecting the way businesses provide employee recognition. 1. Communication. We’re constantly emailing, texting, snapchatting – you name it. It’s constant. How […]

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Memorable Recognition from Managers

August 23, 2017

by Kelly Eger According to a Gallup Workplace Survey (SOURCE) Employees were asked to recall the most MEANINGFUL & MEMORABLE recognition they received. The survey showed the most memorable recognition comes from – insert drum roll – 28% Managers. Forbes noted 94% of employees with high morale say their managers effectively recognize them.  Recognition from […]

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How to Win Leadership Support for Employee Recognition Programs

April 19, 2017

One of the most effective ways to boost employee satisfaction and productivity is to provide recognition for workers’ contributions.   Many organizations implement employee recognition programs in order to develop a culture where associates feel recognized and appreciated.  For these programs to be successful, it’s vital that the company’s managers and leaders actively embrace them. […]

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6 HR Best Practices to Recognize Long-Term Employees

January 5, 2017

Recognizing employees for their long-term service is among the most established  HR best practices, but is your organization doing service awards effectively? 80% of organizations have a service awards program in place. Yet most employees don’t feel adequately recognized for their work.  With a few simple tweaks, your service awards program can do more to engage, retain […]

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How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions in the Workplace

January 3, 2017

by Bev Washichek New Year’s Resolutions in the workplace, really? Does anyone achieve them? They are made with our best intentions, but often a workplace resolution fizzles along with the last of the firecrackers.  A tangible reminder of your workplace resolution might be the best way to achieve success. Maybe your resolution at work is […]

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Revitalizing a Peer Recognition Program

December 14, 2016

Northwest Texas Healthcare System (NWTHS) had implemented a peer recognition program for their employees a few years back.  Over time, communication had begun to wane and some staffing changes had taken place in program administration.  As a result, participation in their peer recognition program had begun to dwindle. Enter Tiffanie. Tiffanie joined Northwest Texas Healthcare System in the training […]

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6 Best Practices for Service Awards Programs

November 29, 2016

80% of organizations today have a service awards program in place.  If your oganization is a start-up and beginning to explore a service awards program, here are some tips to help you get started.  And if you’ve had a service awards program in place for many years, these guidelines may offer new ideas for keeping […]

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