Does Your Safety Program Pass Inspection?

February 24, 2020

Safety on a construction site isn’t just a secondary concern to keep an eye on – it’s absolutely essential. Presumably, no one wants to get injured (or worse), but that’s exactly what is risked every time an employee is lax with safety protocols. What can be done to change that indifferent attitude toward safety that […]

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Social Platform Multiplies Recognition Moments

January 10, 2020

Hundreds of employee engagement stats come out after the new year but these numbers usually tell the same story. Employees feel that they don’t get enough recognition from management. In contrast, managers say they already give a lot of praise and don’t have time to give more. Unfortunately, this is where the conversation usually ends. Here […]

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Encouraging Employee Retention in the Construction Industry

January 6, 2020

The construction industry has been faced with a persistent challenge for years—high employee turnover and issues with retention. In the latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry had the second-highest employee turnover rate at 5.6%, which amounted to 418,000 separations in September 2019.  The growing construction […]

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National Boss’s Day!

October 14, 2019

It’s National Boss’s Day this October the 16th. What do you do on National Boss’s Day? Celebrate your awesome bosses, of course. It’s time to recognize your boss and supervisor for all the guidance they give you. However, it’s not always easy for bosses to recognize and reward their employees. Sometimes it’s difficult for bosses […]

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How To Review your Employee Rewards and Recognition Strategy

October 7, 2019

If your organization has an employee recognition program, we know that this time of year you may be asking yourself, “how is it going?”  We asked Alex and Jared for their advice on how to conduct a review for rewards and recognition programs.  Check out their top 5 “Recognition Program Review” questions.   Find out what areas to focus on for improvement in 2020.

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New Case Study: Financial solutions company promotes core values through employee recognition

August 19, 2019

Freedom Financial Network wanted to improve employee retention within their call center environment where their workforce is made up of 60% millennials and rapidly growing in size, from 550 employees in 2013 to 2,200 in 2019. They also wanted to create a more formal recognition program that was easier to administer and nurtured a deep connection for their staff with their 4 core values: Care, Act with Integrity, Get Better, and Collaborate.

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