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10 Employee Recognition Best Practices

March 12, 2014

KevinSheridanEmployee Recognition is the #1 driver of employee engagement, says Kevin Sheridan, Best-Selling Author and Employee Engagement Expert.
In this whitepaper, Sheridan outlines recognition’s impact on employee engagement and defines 10 employee recognition best practices for ensuring that recognition has the most impact on your people and your business.
“Some might find it surprising that Recognition surpasses many other important motivational factors, such as adequate training, relationships with coworkers, physical working environment, and career growth. What might be most surprising is that an employee’s feelings about the Recognition she receives accounts for 56 percent of the variance in her level of Engagement. These results illuminate that even as adults, people still want to feel appreciated for a job well done,” writes Sheridan.
Kevin Sheridan is the author of Building a Magnetic Culture. Learn more about Kevin Sheridan at


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