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Employee Recognition Program Launch Resources

June 9, 2015

The way employees and peers are invited to participate in a recognition program is perhaps one of the more frequently underutilized aspects of an employee recognition initiative.

One of two things can often happen - we've seen them! The first is, quite simply, the information about the program just doesn’t make it to employees. For instance, the leadership team meets and creates this wonderful recognition program. They congratulate themselves, shoot an email out to all employees, and check it off the list. Or say, the program has been in place for a while and they figure that everyone knows about the details now, so there’s no need to invest in designing and distributing continued program communication to employees.
The second thing that can happen is the doldrums. Many of the communication materials that go out to our staff- lets be frank- can be somewhat bland in their look and feel. Launching an employee recognition program is your organization's chance to elevate the creativity, highlighting the contributions that are important to your business.

With over 25,000 clients across the world, Terryberry has offered our customers up some helpful tips and resources for launching their programs successfully.
View this video for some helpful communication resources that Terryberry has created:

Tips for Successfully Communicating an Employee Recognition Program Launch:

  1. Communicate with a purpose. Use your program overview materials for more than just the logistic information. Highlight your organization’s core values and remind employees to give recognition when they see it in action. Harness the power of social media. The snowball effect of social recognition keeps your message fresh, relevant and personal.
  2. It takes 11.3 impressions for a message to stick! Each time that the program is communicated to employees is an opportunity to make a connection. Remember it takes multiple impressions for your message to stick with your audience, so if you feel like you’ve told the story about your recognition program a hundred times, you’ve probably done about half as much as you need to. You can't over communicate!
  3. Make it fun! Recognition communications are your opportunity to break loose with some fun and exciting communication materials. Highlight an employee’s milestone or achievement on a poster or company newsletter.

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Interested to learn how to get started with an employee recognition program or service award program? Terryberry can help any step of the way with developing, implementing, and managing your employee recognition program, service award program and providing meaningful and motivating awards. Contact us today to talk with a recognition specialist.


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