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Creative Employee Recognition Ideas from Terryberry

If you're searching for fresh ideas for your recognition program, you've come to the right place! Terryberry has been helping businesses worldwide find creative award ideas to recognize their employees for nearly a century. We'll share the creative employee recognition ideas we've seen to be most successful.  

Download 35 Employee Recognition Ideas 

Low Cost Employee Awards Ideas

Anyone can make a positive difference in their workplace culture by noticing and appreciating the efforts of the people they work with. Here are 7 creative employee recognition programs and ideas that cost nothing or next to nothing! 

  • Thank You Notes - a handwritten note is a quick and easy way to say you noticed.  Make it a goal to write one every day!
  • Get the Book - The WOW! Workplace offers 141 pages of employee recognition ideas for just $21.95.
  • Spot Recognition Kits- keep a toolkit of notecards and certificates so you're prepared when the opportunity strikes.  Kits from Recognize Me are fun and easy to use. 
  • Traveling Trophy - pick an off-the-wall item that represents excellence in your group.  A team member who demonstrates exceptional excellence is awarded the trophy and gets to display it for a week.  Then the next recipient is selected. Tip: consider an item that each recipient can autograph before it travels on.
  • Join a Forum for Employee Recognition Ideas - Subscribe to the Terryberry Recognition Blog to get regular tips and employee recognition ideas from other businesses like yours.   
  • Start Meetings with Recognition - Every meeting goes better with a little recognition.  Start things out by highlighting specific employee achievements and successes. 
  • Social Recognition - social networks are a great place to post praise for great work.  Consider setting up your own internal "recognition network" using Give a WOW. Get the 30 Day Trial, and give it a spin for Free.  

Ideas for Organization-Wide Employee Recognition Programs

If you're looking for creative employee recognition ideas for your organization-wide recognition program, we can help.  Terryberry specializes in developing, implementing, and managing employee recognition programs for businesses of all types and sizes. 

Terryberry can help you implement a recognition program to acknowledge one or many of these important contributions.

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Terryberry can help you implement an employee recognition program for virtually any milestone or achievement.

Welcome Aboard Awards Sales Incentives
Length of Service awards Safety Awards
Retirement Gifts Customer Service Excellence
Peer-to-peer recognition President's Club Achievement
Recognition for "Above & Beyond" Quality Level Attainment
Recognition for "Caught in the Act" Training Program Completion
On-the-Spot Recognition Dealer Incentive Programs
Innovation Awards Successful Project Completion
"Great Idea" Awards Mentor Recognition
Attendance Awards Donor Recognition
Productivity Levels Volunteer Recognition
Performance Points Executive/holiday Gifts

Whatever it is that your organization is looking to recognize, improve, or achieve, contact Terryberry and we'll assist in developing creative award ideas and implementing an appropriate employee recognition program that will motivate, engage and inspire your employees throughout the year.