The WOW! Workplace

By Mike Byam

The WOW! Workplace is a Business/Management book for human resource professionals, business leaders, and front-line supervisors.

Terryberry Recognition Expert, Mike Byam, interviews top business leaders to find out what they are doing to energize and inspire their employees. Step by step, The WOW! Workplace will show you how to build a culture of recognition and improve your organization from the inside out using real-world ideas.

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HR Collaborative & Terryberry Partner Webinar – 10 Hacks to Make Your HR Department Look Bigger


Human Resources has an outsized impact on an organization’s success. But often, its own resources are extremely limited. This presentation is designed for HR professionals seeking to do more with less while still increasing their department’s influence, efficiency, and strategic value. Learning Objectives: Refine HR processes for employee lifecycle management, ensuring a seamless and positive […]

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Failure Lab & Terryberry Partner Webinar – Playing Nice: Personality Harmony & Conflict


This webinar utilizes the FSDI (Failure, Stress, & Discomfort Index) as an entry point to explore how personality tendencies interact. Using tactical empathy skills, participants will learn how to increase harmony and decrease conflict in interactions between different personalities in the workplace. In this webinar, participants will learn to: Identify their own personality tendencies, utilizing […]

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Terryberry Product Spotlight – Terryberry’s Employee Recognition Plus Solution


Frequent recognition is the best way to engage employees in your organization’s mission, vision and values. With so many organizations adopting remote and hybrid work schemes, organizational culture is more important than ever. During this product demonstration, we will show how organizations build upon a core foundation of recognition to enable peers to give praise, […]

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