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Employee Recognition and Productivity

The Link Between Employee Recognition and Productivity

Creating a positive workplace where employees look forward to coming in to work every day is a goal that every company should be working toward. Making your staff feel welcome and appreciated goes a long way toward increasing your results.


Employee Engagement and Productivity

There is a clear link between employee engagement and productivity. Disconnected employees show up to work but are not motivated to do more than the bare minimum – and why should they be? Without a sense of investment and pride in their work, they are unengaged and possibly even uninterested.

But employees who feel a sense of control over their responsibilities, use of their time, workspace and other aspects of the job have much more skin in the game and are more likely to feel compelled to work harder. One interesting example of this connection is in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment and subsequent application in the real world.

When the manufacturing plant mentioned in Bryan Rushe’s Business 2 Community article referenced above empowered their employees with the ability to make small decisions affecting their direct work lives, productivity increased by 20 percent. While this may seem intuitive, providing employees with some control over their environment is a small gesture that can sometimes be overlooked in the midst of big-picture business strategy.


How to Begin Increasing Employee Engagement – Recognize Your Employees

A great way to get started improving employee engagement at your company is to recognize the accomplishments and hard work that people have put in to the organization. A full employee appreciation program like Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform gives you options on when and how to recognize employees, from acknowledging career milestones to implementing a points-based awards system to providing on-the-spot recognition.

Being appreciated for a job well done is a simple way to make employees feel more invested in your company. Once you’ve implemented your recognition program, take time to decide in what areas you might be able to empower your employees a little more. For example, could you relax the dress code a bit? Ask for input on office reorganization or decoration? Provide additional choices for how employees structure their time?

When your employees feel like a valued part of the organization, you’re sure to see a significant increase in their willingness to go above and beyond for the greater good of the company, and your output will benefit from this improved experience for all.

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