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Free Step Challenges on Walker Tracker’s Community Site

December 9, 2021

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Walker Tracker Community Site

Looking for a free step challenge app? Read on for a guide on how to track steps and challenge friends on our free community site!

Walker Tracker wants to support you in building a happier, healthier life. We have step challenge options for every budget. So much so, in fact, that you can opt to use our free resource: Walker Tracker Community. The Community is a platform to track your steps, connect with others, and participate in challenges. 

It’s true- you can compete in step challenges with practically any digital pedometer these days. BUT, with Community, your options are so much broader. You can manually log steps OR any other activity thanks to the handy activity converter.

If you don’t want to log your steps, there’s an option to have them synced from your step tracker. Community will sync with Fitbit, Withings, Misfit, Apple Health, Google Fit, and others. That means you can participate in step challenges with your friends whether they wear a Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, or almost any other tracker. 

Walker Tracker Community Site

Walker Tracker’s Community Site sounds great for most people looking for a free step challenge app, so we’ve reviewed the setup process to see if it’s right for you!

Create a Free Account

Creating an account is a breeze. A note beside the registration button claims that it takes just 30 seconds to sign up. (I timed myself in creating mine- and had it done in 51 seconds. Less than a minute.)

Choosing a username? Also painless. You find out as you enter it if your username is available. 

There’s no frustration of trying to advance pages only to find out that you have to choose a different username. 

Password creation? That just may be the best part of it all. Walker Tracker uses several safeguards to ensure that data is kept safe. Their diligence means you don’t have to choose a password that requires a special character, number, compound word, and Egyptian hieroglyphic.

Completing your account takes you straight to the home page where you see your stats. A free account means you’ve got to put in just a little bit more work to keep up with your daily step count. By that, it means you have to commit to taking 20 seconds a day to manually enter your steps for the day.

If you want the option to automatically sync your wireless pedometer with your Community account, you can opt to pay $24 a year for the Pro account. That’s $2 a month and an average of $0.07 a day. Whether you choose to spend 20 seconds a day manually entering steps or $0.07 a day having it automatically synced, you really can’t lose.

Connecting with friends

The real fun of a step challenge is the competition. Walker Tracker Community gives you several options to make that happen.

If you want to connect with your real-life friends, they need to join Walker Tracker as well. On the far righthand side of any Community page, you’ll find a small blue button that says “Invite a Friend.” Then, you’ve got the option to enter their email and send a link, or copy an invite link that you can share through text or social media. 

AFTER your friends join WT and send you their username, you can link up under the “Friends” tab by searching their username. With that connection, you all can create a team and compete in challenges together.

Step Challenges with Community

Once you’ve connected with friends you can get started with a challenge! 

There are several ways to design your challenge, including creating the challenge right inside of the mobile app!

  • Chart based: Specifically focus on steps/activities, where the person with the most steps is the winner OR everyone who meets their step goal is a winner. 
  • Map challenges: Participants compete to complete steps covering a specific distance on a map. Options include Around the World with 57,878,103 steps or Visit Utah with 2,233,544 steps. (Most of the map challenges DO require a Pro account.)

Choose your date range, daily step goal, and get started!

Final thoughts

So, is Walker Tracker Community worth the hype? Let’s recap:

  • Painless account set-up
  • Inclusive activity converter
  • Community focused so people with all step trackers can join
  • Variety of step challenge options

For a free (or $24/year) resource, you really can’t beat it.