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3 Ways to Celebrate Your Company’s Anniversary

December 9, 2021

Company Anniversary Digit

Celebrating your company's anniversary is exciting! The completion of any milestone is something to be proud of, especially in your company's history. Will your organization reach a significant company anniversary soon?

Most organizations celebrate company anniversaries in 10 year increments, such as 10, 20, even 50! These major milestones deserve to be recognized. There are lot of factors that contribute to building a successful company. So, what are these factors? A meaningful mission, solid leadership and happy customers are a few of them. Only a few organizations can reach major company anniversaries! Without strong leadership or a dedicated staff, most companies won't see big milestones. Here are 3 tips for making your company anniversary special.

Make Your Company Anniversaries Special

Recently, Terryberry celebrated a major company anniversary of our own. Not many companies get to celebrate a centennial, but we did! For over a century, our goal has been helping organizations recognize the accomplishments that drive their company forward. During our celebration, it was fun to take a step back and celebrate our own achievements.

Company Anniversary Award

Reflect On Your Company's Milestone

Host an event for staff, partners, and customers to reflect on the journey to your company anniversary. The scale can vary based on your resources and culture.  It's up to you. It can be simple or very exclusive, whether it is lunch in your company break room or a black-tie gala at a special venue.  Collect and share old photos, prototypes, or stories from your early years.  Need a symbolic gift to give to your guests?  Consider Terryberry's digits! Digits can be customized with your logo and event date. They make a great take-home piece for your employees who have contributed to your company over the years.

Reinforce Your Mission

A company anniversary is a great time to take a step back and recognize all of the efforts that brought your organization to this point. Visually place your company's mission in a spot where employees and customers can be reminded of the vision you share. Some organizations add a tagline to their email signatures celebrating the milestone and the mission behind it.

Have you heard of Terryberry's Recognition Platform? This platform provides a Recognition Feed where staff contributions are celebrated and connected back to the vision and values of the group.

Recognize Your Employees' Milestones

Company anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to appreciate the employees who contribute to the organization's success. Celebrate individual team members and their career milestones within your organization. Perhaps your organization doesn't already have a service awards program to recognize employees' tenure, now is a great time to start. Honor your employees who have been with your organization from the very beginning as well as those who are just starting their careers. Regardless, Terryberry can help with service award gift ideas.

Employee Recognition Program

We'd love the opportunity to help you celebrate your company's anniversary! Connect with us so we can help you build and maintain an excellent company culture.


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