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Funny Award Names For Employee Recognition

December 13, 2021

At Terryberry we get asked all kinds of questions about employee recognition.  One that comes up from time to time is what are some funny award names for employee recognition?

Create a Funny Award Theme that Relates to Your Business

We recommend first to think about your company culture.  What does your organization do?  What’s unique about your business.  Think of ideas related to your business that could be used to inspire an award name.  Is your business involved in construction…How about “The Hard Hat Award” for safety?  For healthcare organizations, how about “The Rx Award” or “Diagnosis: Awesome” Award.  Involved in finance?  Maybe the “Dead Presidents Award” would be appropriate. How about “Bank on It” Award?
Be sure to select a name that is POSITIVE, and avoid unintentionally offending someone in your group.

Get Your Staff Involved in Selecting a Creative Award Name

Consider holding a contest with your employees to come up with the most creative award name. (Don’t forget to recognize the winner!) Do you have 2 or 3 great ideas? Select a name the democratic way — with a vote.

Funny Recognition Award Names Examples

  • Top Banana Award
  • Like a Boss Award
  • Golden Coconut Award
  • Awesome Sauce Award
  • Alpha Award
  • Jolly Good Idea Award
  • Bee’s Knees Award
  • Headliner Award
  • Bet Your Bottom $$ Award
  • Edison Award for Lightbulb Moments
  • Mic Drop Award
  • The Red Starburst Award – because they’re the best!
  • Top Dog Award
  • Helpy Helper Award
  • Off-Tha-Heezy-Fa-Sheezy Award
  • Chuck Norris Award
  • Whiskers on Kittens Award
  • Raindrops on Roses Award
  • The Raisin Award – most deserving of a raise in pay.

Parting words of wisdom for choosing a name for your employee awards:

Keep it Positive and Have Fun.

Good luck with your funny recognition award names.

Do you have funny award names to share?  Submit your funny award name here!

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