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35 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Company Anniversary

December 10, 2021

Creative Ideas For Celebrating company milestones

Putting together a company anniversary event can be a daunting task, but it with creativity and planning, celebrating your company's special milestone can be fun for all involved. Afterall, your company milestone is a result of years of dedication and hard is the time to take a step back and celebrate what your group has achieved.  If your organization is approaching a milestone anniversary, this list is for you.

Here are 35 creative ideas to help you make your company anniversary special.

  1. Host a company anniversary celebration for employees, partners, customers and friends of your organization

  2. Create a visual timeline of important company milestones throughout your organization's journey

  3. Play music that was popular the year your company was founded

  4. Design a brand-compliant anniversary logo that can be used throughout your company's milestone year

  5. Add a tagline to employees' email signatures to celebrate the company anniversary

  6. Present staff members with an acrylic Digit for your milestone year, custom printed with your logo and the employee's name.

  7. Design a company anniversary flag

  8. Give funny awards for zany achievements

    tip: check out Terryberry's free certificate maker to create printable certificates

  9. Send thank-you notes to customers, partners, and staff for helping your organization achieve a significant milestone

  10. Honor long-term employees with service awards

  11. Give a special award to your most tenured employee

  12. Invite the mayor or local dignitary to make a presentation at your company headquarters

  13. Highlight long-term customers at your company anniversary event or in other communication materials

  14. Design a custom pin or charm for your company anniversary

  15. Collect and display early company photos and artifacts from your company's history

  16. Take out a billboard ad near company headquarters in the in honor of your company anniversary

  17. Submit a news release to local media regarding your company's anniversary

  18. Take group photo of the entire staff and print copies for each employee

    1. tip: for an extra special touch present a company photo to employees in one of Terryberry's presentation kits, laser printed with your logo.

  19. Design and print a company anniversary book with photos, a company history, and quotes from employees, leaders and customers

  20. Get t-shirts, hats or other apparel made with your company anniversary logo or tagline

  21. Use Terryberry's Keynote video books to share a recorded an anniversary message from your CEO

  22. Create a photo mosaic using company photos and images

  23. Display early prototypes or early product models

  24. Display future prototypes to demonstrate where the company is headed

  25. Give employees and customers a small gift that is symbolic of your organization

  26. Offer an exclusive anniversary-themed product

    1. Bonus: partner with a local charity to donate a portion of  proceeds from your anniversary product
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  27. Present your company's founders with a personalized company ring or logo watch

  28. Display awards and accolades your organization has earned over the years

  29. Share anniversary news on your company's website, social media, and newsletters

  30. Celebrate your company anniversary with a Do Good Day where employees can volunteer together on a project to benefit the community

  31. Host a trivia game where contestants can compete to demonstrate knowledge of quirky company factoids

  32. Plant a tree or install a work of art in honor of your company anniversary

  33. Hold a CEO look-alike contest

  34. Invite friends and family for a behind-the-scenes tour where employees can show off their work

  35. Create a company-themed coloring book for children of employees

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We hope your company anniversary events will be memorable for all involved.   If you're interested in ideas on how to infuse employee appreciation gifts  into your company anniversary celebrations or how to build a culture of employee recognition in your organization as a whole, we'd love to talk. Contact Terryberry to learn more.


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