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Employee Service Awards

Honor Career Milestones with an Employee Tenure Recognition Program by Terryberry

Terryberry can help you celebrate your employees’ years of service milestones with meaningful awards and recognition.  Being recognized on service anniversaries helps show staff that their contributions over the years are valued.  Terryberry offers service awards options for every milestone – from 1 year of service to 50 years, and everything in between.

We’ll help with any or all steps along the way to an effective employee service awards program.

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Watch a Demo of Terryberry's Employee Service Awards Program

Watch our service awards program demo video below to learn how Terryberry can help you celebrate your employees’ service anniversaries in a meaningful, memorable and trouble-free way.

Terryberry can provide your organization with high quality employee anniversary gifts.  We can also help you implement a formal service award program for your organization, or even provide you with a full-service 360 Recognition Platform for rewards and recognition of all kinds.  We serve employers of all sizes; whether your needs are simple or complex, Terryberry has a solution to meet your needs.

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Terryberry helps businesses large and small celebrate milestones

“As a team of one HR person, Terryberry is vital to us as an organization by assisting with administering a Service Award and retirement program, gift options with complete visibility.” – Chanda, Township of Wellington North

“Terryberry offered everything we wanted at the time, as well as several things on our future ‘wish’ list.  It amounted to one stop shopping!” -Leanne, Widex Canada  Ltd.

Customized Employee Service Awards Gifts

When it comes to service awards gifts, Terryberry has hundreds of options for any budget and every milestone from “welcome aboard” to retirement and everything in between.

Our most popular option for service awards is our AwardChoice program. With AwardChoice, you set a budget for each service award level. Terryberry provides a selection of items from top brands for your employee to choose.  It’s simple for you and provides a great experience for your recipient.

Service awards from Terryberry can be beautifully customized with your company logo or emblem.

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Customized Employee Service Awards Gifts

Create WOW Moments for Employee Service Anniversaries

service awards presentation kits

Terryberry provides everything you need to make employee service anniversaries special. Here are just a few options that set your service award program apart:

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More about Service Awards Gifts

  • Terryberry’s professionally curated selection ensures quality awards that your employees will be excited to earn.
  • From custom recognition jewelry to functional lifestyle gifts and more,  we have service awards of the best quality to fit any budget.
  • We handle all of the administration of your service awards programs. Outsource your service awards administration to Terryberry today.
Sample Awards Catalog
More about Service Awards Gifts

Terryberry Helps Organizations of All Sizes with Employee Service Awards Programs

We’ll handle all the details of your program behind the scenes, so you can focus on what’s important to you…your people and their achievements.

  • Your service award program can be up-and-running in less than a week
  • Shipping times are the fastest in our industry
  • Best-in-class customer service
  • Established reputation since 1918 – a century of experience!

When you partner with Terryberry, we’ll help you get started with a new service awards program, or breathe new life into your existing years of service award program. Terryberry offers a host of solutions for a great employee service awards program that is easy to manage, whether you have 50 employees or 50,000.

Thousands of clients worldwide trust Terryberry with their rewards and recognition programs.  Enlist the help of Terryberry in developing a service awards program to honor your dedicated and devoted employees. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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Service Awards Pricing

Terryberry offers service awards programs for organizations of all sizes, and we can create a service awards program to fit virtually any budget.  Check out our pricing guidelines for more info.  To learn more about pricing for a service awards program in your organization, contact us today.

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Service Awards Pricing

Why it's important to recognize employees' years of service milestones

An employee’s service anniversary is a crucial opportunity to express appreciation, recognize contributions, and engage employees with the mission, vision and values that drive your business.

Did you know?

  • 72% of employees are either actively or passively job searching
  • Lack of recognition is the #1 reason employees quit
  • 9 in 10 companies recognize their employees for their years of service
  • Studies show that a properly designed and implemented service award program can improve employee retention
  • Recognizing employees for their dedication builds engagement
  • Terryberry can help you create an easy-to-manage program where all of your employees can be recognized consistently.


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Why it's important to recognize employees' years of service milestones

Welcome Aboard Gift Kits

Give your new hires a warm welcome to the team with Welcome Aboard Gifts from Terryberry. Customize your Welcome Aboard Gift Kits by selecting from Terryberry’s Welcome Goodies.

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Welcome Aboard Gift Kits

What Terryberry Customers Are Saying

“Great service, it’s great to have this outsourced as one less thing for me to worry about in my already busy schedule. Great way to recognize employees.” – Andrea, Egg Farmers of Canada

“Helpful, prompt and responsive.” – Maureen, Car-O-Liner

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