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5 Ways to Recognize Top Performers

December 21, 2021

recognize top performers

Wondering how to recognize top performers in your organization?  The #1 reason top employees quit is lack of recognition and appreciation for their efforts.

Recognizing your top performers not only helps you keep them from leaving; it also helps you keep them happy and engaged.  Here are 5 ways to recognize your top performers for their achievements.

1. Say ‘Thank You.’  Seems easy enough, but this simple and free way to recognize top performers is often overlooked when schedules are busy and time is short. Block off an hour a week in your calendar specifically to reach out to your top performers and recognize them for a recent contribution.  Mix it up: Write a note. Make a call. Post some appreciation on a social site.

2. Share Top Performer Achievements Publicly. Describing an individual’s contribution in a company newsletter or team meeting builds up your best employees.  And, bonus, it gives peers an example to emulate.  For high level contributions consider doing a press release to your local media or a company-wide announcement.

3.  Give Bragging Rights.  Tangible display awards like engraved crystal awards or award presentation pieces commemorate achievements now and for years to come. Consider listing a special designation for your Top Performer on his or her business card or email signature.

4. Include Significant Others and Family in Recognition.  Demonstrate to your top employees that you value them on a personal level, and acknowledge the role family members have in helping your Top Performers achieve their success.  Consider inviting significant others to be present when Top Performers receive their awards, or even presenting an additional award or gift to a spouse or significant other.

5. Give an Exclusive Award or Unique Award. Awards that are personalized for the individual and symbolic of the company or achievement will instill pride in your top performers.  A custom company award ring is a great example.

Want more ideas for recognizing your top performers.  Terryberry can help!


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  • Duncan M. says:

    Top employees are extremely valuable for the company. This is why it is so important to keep them close and motivated. A great way to do it is to recognize their hard work. I find these five ways easy to implement, and best of all they do not require a considerable amount of time and work, thus they are feasible even for extremely busy managers.

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