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Setting Your Participant List for Your Survey

November 29, 2022

Participant List
Feature Highlights:
  • Using the ‘Target Some’ feature to send surveys to a custom group of employees or to send to a specific demographic group 
  • This feature ensure we’re only sending the surveys to the specific group of employees meant to receive the survey 
6 Steps: 

Creating your participant list for a survey starts with your employee data file. Follow the steps below to learn how to set your participant list for your survey.  If you typically start your data upload process with a fresh download from your HRIS system, you can skip to step 3. 

  1. Navigate to the People Page and select on the ‘Manage users’ drop down menu
  1. Click “Export Users”
  1. Once you have your latest employee data file from the system, add a “Survey Target” column to your data file and add a value that you would like to use. It’s best practice to use the name of the survey, however, you are free to use whatever you like here. This is how we will identify who we want the survey to be sent to. Please note, this value needs to be identical for all participants you plan on targeting in the survey.

If you do not wish to target all employees and only a subset of employees, simply do not add a value in the “Survey Target” column for that employee and leave it blank.  

  1. After we’ve saved that file and imported it back into the system (Click here for  a  step by step guide on the import process) we’ll want to make our way into the Survey Builder of our survey. In the ‘Name & Participants’ section of the survey, find where it says ‘Choose your survey targets’ and we’ll have the option to ‘Target some’. Click on this:
  1. Next, click into the top text box to ‘Pick a group, or an intersection of groups..’ You’ll notice a drop down appears of all demographic groups we have stored in the Workify system. You can use this feature to target certain departments, locations, etc. 
  1. Once you’ve selected your target group name that you created you should notice the ‘Target group size’ counter reflects the number of employees you wish to send the survey to. 

NOTE: If you use this feature to target certain demographic groups, please note this feature is using ‘AND’ logic.

WHAT YOU SHOULD AVOID: This means that you are unable to target multiple groups under the same demographic field. For example, you cannot use this feature to target many different job positions. If I wanted to target both  ‘Position – Analyst’ and ‘Position – Engineer’. Essentially, our system is reading this as, “Find employees who have both the title of Analyst and Engineer.” That is why it wouldn’t work. 

WHAT IT CAN DO: The scenario where you can use this feature with multiple groups is when you want to create a survey target that is filtered by different demographic fields. For example, you can use it to target ‘Position – Analyst’ and ‘Location – Austin’. So now we’re only targeting the Analysts out of the Austin office. 

So if you want to make a survey that targets multiple specific job positions or any other custom group, we’ll need to create a new survey target in the data file and then select that survey target through the ‘Target Some’ feature.