Creative award namesWe put together a list of fun, unique award titles we’ve seen and liked!

Are you getting started with an employee recognition program in your organization? Or, are you tired of the same old awards your company has been giving out? We’re here to help!

Get some inspiration for fun new employee recognition award names and creative employee recognition program names from Terryberry.

Check out some of our favorite employee recognition award names below (and, for more ideas, explore our full list of 127 Creative Award Titles):

Top Performer Award Names

1. President’s Circle

2. Chairman’s Award

3. Leadership Award

4. Pinnacle Award

5. Spotlight Award

6. Standing Ovation

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Top Recognition Club Names

7. Circle of Excellence

8. Hall of Fame

9. Honor Club

10. Diamond Club

11. Leaderboard Award

Customer Service Award Names

12. Calmer of Storms

13. Customer Whisperer

14. Client Comforter

15. Platinum Service Award

16. Consider it Done Award

17. Circle of Joy Award

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Above and Beyond Recognition

18. Ace of Initiative

19. Cruising and Crushing it

20. Cloud 9 Collaborator

21. Highest of High Fives

22. WOW Award

23. High Five Award

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Peer to Peer Recognition Program Names

24. Associate Appreciation

25. Sidekick Salute

26. You’re a Gem

27. Ripple Effect Award

28. Key Contributor


30. 3 Cheers

31. Galactic Gratitude

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Perfect Attendance Recognition Program Names

32. Perfect Presence

33. Superb Showing

34. Aces all Day

35. Absolute Attendance

36. All Day Everyday

Welcome Aboard

37. Rockstar Rookie

38. Good Addition Award

39. Bright Beginning

40. Fast Starter

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Sales Award Names

41. Big Kahuna Award

42. Chief Closer

43. V12 Award

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Safety Award Names

44. Superbly Safe

45. Silver Shield Award

46. Constant Caution

47. Expert Accuracy

48. Safety Star Award

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Retirement Award Names

49. Permanent Recess

50. We Bid You Adieu

51. Farewell Friend

52. Leaving a Legacy

53. Exiting in Excellence

54. Fun with 401k

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Volunteer Awards Names

55. All for One, One for all

56. Constant Contributor

57. Positive Participator

58. Making a Difference

59. World Changer

Team Recognition Program Names

60. Team Impact Award

61. Team Awesome Award

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