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Years of Service – is it rote or real recognition?

June 19, 2012

Real or Rote?

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on what companies are doing nowadays to recognize their employees for career tenure.
When author Melissa Korn asked us what our experience has been with our clients at Terryberry, we were eager to contribute.  At Terryberry, after working with organizations around the world for 95 years to develop and manage effective employee recognition program options, we’ve learned that including service awards in a company’s employee awards program can be a meaningful highlight in an individual’s career and inspirational motivation for peers and colleagues.  Or they can be a rote ritual that doesn’t make the most of the resources the sponsoring company has invested.
Organizations that get real value out of their service awards programs are ones that have built a culture where employees are a part of a community that they care about;  they are personally invested in the vision that community shares; and they are passionate about their ability to contribute to that vision.   The value in a service award comes as much from the sincere “thank you” with which it is presented as from the award itself.
When that kind of pride exists within an organization, celebrating tenure is more than just an acknowledgment of time “put in” or a search for employee appreciation ideas. It’s a celebration of all of the successes and contributions along the way that have helped the group progress toward a shared vision.
Visit Terryberry’s “recognition speeches” resource to learn about how to give an award presentation that conveys genuine appreciation.


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