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What Does Your Recognition Program Say About Your Company?

April 24, 2009

I once received a birthday card from a friend. When I opened the card, my name was hand-written above the message, but the sender had forgotten to sign their own name.
I feel like some recognition programs have a similar piece missing. You wouldn’t send a letter of recognition to an employee who accomplished a great achievement and address it “to whom it may concern.” Why do so many businesses send recognition “from whom it may concern?”
In my experience, the best employee recognition programs reflect the image and the ‘personality’ of an organization throughout the entire experience…Program communication materials do more than explain the program to employees; they communicate the business’ mission and values. Award selection packets don’t just show award options; they include a message of appreciation from the CEO. Award presentations are taken to the next level to reflect the company culture in details like decor, invitations, theme, and even venue. And special achievement awards go beyond being just a gift; they have the subtle “signature” of the organization that will serve as a reminder long after the award presentation is past.
Why is branding your recognition program so important? The message means so much more when it comes with the stamp of authenticity that says the organization supports it.
Need help branding your recognition program?
You don’t have to be in marketing to incorporate your company’s brand into your recognition program. Recognition companies like Terryberry can be a resource when it comes to helping you find ways to communicate your organization’s image and values to your employees.


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