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February 26, 2010

From the Recognition Insider Newsletter Spring 2010 Edition
Learn how to Tell Stories in Order to Add Voltage to your Recognition Messages.
What’s the best way to tell the world about an exciting accomplishment by one of your people? According to the latest psychological research, crafting vivid, fast-paced narratives is the key to shaping recognition messages that will have maximum impact. To learn how, just look through the business section of your local newspaper, and then clip a few stories in which enterprising employees came up with creative solutions to challenges. Often these stories make their point through action narratives with a beginning, middle and end. You’ll probably be surprised to discover how easy it is to build punchy recognition messages that readers will remember!
To Get the Most Mileage from a “Recognition Moment,” Keep Referring to it Later.
Let’s say you’ve just presented several of your people with Recognition gifts and accolades at the yearly company picnic. Next step: during the two or three weeks that follow the event, send the honorees a note: “Say, I really got a kick out of watching you collect that sales award at the picnic!” Or maybe you can arrange to deliver your reminders in person, during an upbeat visit to the cafeteria during lunch hour? By referring to these pleasing recognition moments from time to time, you’ll underline the fact that your people are valued and appreciated.


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