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The Best Holiday Gift Idea for Employees: Recognition

November 20, 2009

From The Recognition Bulletin for HR – Winter 2009 Edition

If you’re like many HR leaders, you know how much of a difference appreciation can make to your employees. This is especially true during challenging times when employees are often doing more work with fewer people and resources.

If employee recognition is on your to-do list, there’s arguably no better time than now.
A well-designed recognition program can have immediate positive impact on your employees in these critical times, and give your business positive momentum for 2010. And many businesses are surprised at how affordable implementing a recognition program can be.

If you are looking to begin or enhance an employee recognition program, consider working with a recognition provider like Terryberry Company. Terryberry has employee recognition advisors who can help you get your recognition program up and running by the holidays.


Comments (2)

  • Jon Bentley says:

    I completely agree that there is no better time to sit down with your employees and tell them how thank for you are and really recognize their achievements.

    I don't even think it takes much, just a personalized holiday card with a hand written message more than suffices.

    In many cases just knowing your appreciated is going to do more for morale than a $25 gift card, and it will save you a few dollars at the same time!

  • Recognition can be in the form of a personalised Christmas card with the time taken for a handwritten message. Bit like the old school reports – just a few uplifting words or a compliment on a job well done can really boost employee spirits.

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