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Terryberry’s Tech “Secrets” for Creating Intricate Emblems & Logos Used in Corporate Recognition Awards

August 30, 2012

We have clients who come to us time and again for the spectacular work our design department executes on a regular basis for corporate emblems and logos used in rings, engraved plaques, lapel pins and more. They’re always confident that our craftsmen and women can take their 2-dimensional artwork and transform it into breathtaking smaller versions that end-up being worn on jewelry such as rings, watches and lapel pins, or on engraved plaques and award trophies that stand proudly on desks and shelves across the globe.

“Better jewelry comes from better tooling,” says Terryberry’s Managing Partner Mike Byam.

At Terryberry, we’re  proud to be involved in producing awards that reflect positively on our clients’ organizations and represent significant achievements in a unique and distinctive way.  Our clients are always pleased with the results!

“That’s always the goal…to give the customer a product that is beyond their expectations,” says jewelry designer Don Bremer.

One of our ‘secrets’ is the very precise imaging and tooling system we use that combines elements of CAD design and CNC machining and enables us to create truly amazing graphic reproductions on materials such as glass, bronze, plastic, brass, gold, aluminum and steel. With the advanced technology that we use, we can even create modeled dimensional jewelry from two-dimensional artwork.  It’s a handy and versatile design system.
This video featuring Terryberry’s own Mike Byam and Don Bremer demonstrates Terryberry’s innovative uses for this leading-edge technology to create symbolic employee awards that are truly works of art.


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