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Terryberry's 360 Recognition Platform Provides Increased Accessibility for Non-Desk Employees

September 10, 2018

At the 2018 HR Technology Conference & Expo Terryberry will announce a new partnership that will make their employee recognition software platform even more accessible to non-desk employees.
Employee rewards and recognition software has been gaining popularity with employers exponentially over the last decade as new functionality emerges for social interaction, reporting, administration and communication. “These software tools help engage staff and make the programs more effective,” says Mike Byam managing partner of Terryberry, the organization behind the 360 Recognition platform.
Industries such as; manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and retail have a large percentage of staff who do not work at a desk and oftentimes do not have access to a company email address. These non-desk employees historically have been at a disadvantage when it comes to staying connected to their company, operations, culture, and important announcements.  In many cases, they depend on a physical bulletin board, paper-based communication, their supervisor, or ‘the grapevine’ to keep them in the loop. This can cause increased costs, operational inefficiencies, delays, and incorrect information. Communication about staff rewards and recognition often gets put on the backburner. These messages may be conveyed inappropriately, or may never even make it to the deserving recipient.
“It is really important to us and to our clients to ensure that all employees have an opportunity to participate in giving and receiving recognition for their great work,” said Byam.

 “The new tools for non-desk workers are another arrow in the Terryberry quiver to engage and connect the unconnected (or non-desk workforce) with their recognition platform.”

Terryberry will demonstrate features of the 360 Recognition Platform including the new communication tools for non-desk workers at the HR Technology Expo in September.
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