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Salvaging Employee Relations

November 4, 2011

According to a recent report from Global Thinking, employee loyalty is at a three-year low, down 47% since 2008.   More than a third of employees are looking for greener pastures,  and workers are losing confidence in their employer’s loyalty to them.   According to the report, two thirds of employees feel their company is not very loyal to them.
Figures like these may drive business leaders and HR professionals to take a serious look at their company culture.  In times of distress, what can employers do recapture employee loyalty, develop employee engagement, and rebuild workplace relationships?
Sure, everyone wants a bigger paycheck.  But genuine employee loyalty isn’t bought.   It stems from treating people fairly, providing opportunities to reach potential, and creating a culture where people are genuinely valued and appreciated.
Looking for some tools to boost employee loyalty in your business?  Consider Employee recognition programs.  Giving recognition to the individuals who contribute in your business is an important way to foster the kind of environment that inspires dedication, excellence, and passion.


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