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Rewarding Generations – 3 Things to Keep in Mind

December 7, 2015

MotivationMondayToday’s Motivation Monday comes from Terryberry’s Wisconsin/Eastern Iowa Business Development Manager, Kelly Eger
Every organization has 3 generations working together but each generation is different from the next. Here are three considerations to keep in mind when creating employee recognition programs for 2016.
Baby Boomers  (Age: 70-51)

  • Feels rewarded by money (Retirement Plans)
  • Will display certificates and letters
  • Likes public recognition

Generation X (Age: 50-36)

  • Feels rewarded with time off (Vacations – Work/Life Balance)
  • Needs regular feedback on their work
  • Not attracted to public recognition

Millennials (Age: 35-15)

  • Feels rewarded with meaningful work (Company’s Philanthropy)
  • Needs communication frequently and will ask for it
  • Wants recognition for everyone to see (managers, co- workers, professional network, family and friends

How is your organization doing when it comes to employee recognition?
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Kelly Eger, MBA
Terryberry’s Business Development Manager for Wisconsin/Eastern Iowa


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  • It is extremely important to understand the employees in order to be able to reward them properly. These major traits of each generation can help employees set up the recognition program more effectively. And, of course, it will generate the expected results.

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