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Reporting Access Guide

February 8, 2022

reporting access guide

Reporting Access now provides HRBPs, managers, department heads, and more have full business intelligence experience to their team’s survey results within the Workify Advanced Analytics feature.


Reporting Access lets you set up people with access to the team they oversee. It also:

  • Includes filtered down access to a particular survey’s results via the Advanced Analytics Dashboard
  • Is powered by the current employee data we hold for you already in the system


Based on how your company’s data is held in Workify, there should be a variety of ways to set up access for managers. After navigating to the survey, click Reporting Access along the left-hand side.

See the tutorial Navigating to Reporting Access

If you’ve set up access for a different survey in the past, you can start from that previous survey’s configuration by just clicking on the highlighted text below.

If you’re starting from scratch, let’s start by trying to set up access for one person. 

  1. Choose the viewer that you’re trying to send reporting access to. Let’s select Brooke Weber
  2. Choose the data field that Brooke should have access to.

In this example, we’ve chosen that Brooke Weber should see the results for all participants with the metadata field HR Partner = Brooke Weber. 

Reporting Access can be set up by many different metadata fields held in the system. You can set up access using a single metadata field or multiple metadata fields.

  1. If you set up access for someone using the same metadata field, it will use “or logic.” For Josh Green in the example below, Josh has access to Manager Name = Josh Green or Manager Name = Ashish Shakya or Manager Name = Austin Jenkins.
  1. Alternatively, if you set up access for someone using multiple metadata fields, it will use “and logic.” For Al Sears in the example below, Al has access to Region = EMEA and Department = Financial Advisor Services.
  1. Lastly, there is an option to set someone up with Full Access to the results. Simply select Full Access – All Participants in the group dropdown.


As you know, Workify can hold a variety of different demographic filters for your organization. That said, when it comes to setting up your managers for success, giving them access to just the necessary filters to view their results is key. 

See a video tutorial – Setting up allowed filters

Let’s set up the Allowed Filters for your reporting access members. First, click on the ‘Allowed Filters’ button on the right hand side. 

Once you’ve clicked on this, a module will appear and you can select which filters you want managers to see. In the example below, you can see we’ve allowed for Department, Country, and Location to be the only accessible filters for manager’s reporting access.

Now when a manager goes into their team’s report, they will only see those three options in their filter pane along the right hand side.


Let’s preview the access we just set up for Brooke by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the right-hand side.

See a video tutorial – Previewing Reporting Access

Once you’ve clicked on that you should see something like this.

Managers will have full access to the dashboard’s functionality filtered down to just their team’s results. In this case Brooke Weber just has access to participants in the survey whose metadata field is HR Partner = Brooke Weber. 

Note the “i” in the top left corner. This will describe to you the access the person can view.


Once you’ve previewed and set up access for a manager, you’ll want to send them an email with access to their team’s results. 

See a video tutorial – Sending a Reporting Access Link

On the right-hand side you’ll see three icons:

  1. The first icon is to preview their access.
  2. The second icon will send an email to the manager with a link to the access you’ve set them up with.
  3. The third icon (trash) removes their access.

If you need to do these actions in bulk, you can do that by clicking the buttons along the top.

Here is a preview of the email that the manager will receive.

Please note: Managers set up with access don’t need to login to their Workify account to view their team’s results. They’ll be able to directly view their results by clicking View Results in the email that’s sent to them. 


To set this Reporting Access, you can either reach out to the Workify Client Success team, or set up access yourself by choosing the Reporting Access page in a survey’s left-hand side.

If you’re needing to set up access for a large number of managers, please reach out to the Client Success team and we can help.