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Recognition on a Budget – Get Creative!

February 13, 2009

Earlier this week, Terryberry hosted a webcast on “Creating a WOW! Moment“. Over 150 business leaders from around the world attended to learn and share ideas for how to WOW! their employees in spite of the slow economy.

What did we learn? The economy certainly isn’t stopping businesses from showing appreciation for the efforts of their people. Instead managers and business leaders are just getting more creative.

Here are just a few WOW! moments that were submitted by businesses:

“In addition to the annual employee recognition program with specific award, we give two awards each term (we’re in a university setting) – one for individual achievement one for team work. The individual is the Bow Tie Award in honor of our president who wears bow ties and the Scepter Award for the team in honor of Charlotte, NC, the Queen City.” – Charlotte, NC

“We have a fun travelling trophy and recognize someone every other week.” – Hoffman Estates, IL

“We have a quarterly breakfast to recognize those promoted in the previous quarter and give them a “Rising Star” cup and publish their picture and brief bio in a company publication.” – Louisville, KY

“To make the presentation exciting, we also ask some trivia questions about the recipient, and the employee which guesses right, receives a small gift, such as, pens or pencils with our logo on it.” – Sun Lakes, AZ

“We do a “who am I video” that we loop at the beginning of the lunch. We ask award recipients for a quote about themselves–something the rest of the Team wouldn’t necessarily know, then we create a video where other employees try to match the quote with the award recipient.” –Oscaloosa, IA

“Our annual recognition event is theme-based. So far we’ve done Under Construction (our first year in existence), Movies/Oscars/Red Carpet, and Kentucky Derby Day. Each theme some special event like a hat decorating contest for Derby Day; we had “Joanie” Rivers interviewing people on the red carpet for the Oscars. Both were very fun for all of the employees and set a positive fun tone for the presentation portion.” -Charlotte, NC


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