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Packaging Your Recognition Awards – Department Spotlight

December 12, 2016


packaging recognition awards

by Amber Zaucha
When our customers open a box from Terryberry, it’s because they’ve done something remarkable. Whether it’s because they’ve reached a major career milestone or are receiving a gift as a small token of appreciation, packaging your recognition awards is something we take very seriously.  The presentation is of utmost importance.

A 9-Person Shipping Team

Thanks to the efforts of a nine person, well-organized team, Terryberry is able to supply our customers’ awards across the globe as efficiently as possible. From supervisors to shipping clerks, the shipping department takes on a multitude of responsibilities—verifying orders, receiving, processing, packaging, shipping and everything in-between.

Innovative Equipment

On a daily basis, you can see the team utilize computers, Packsize equipment, boxes, tapers, bubble machine, tissue paper, hand jacks, and knives.
At 5:30AM, Debb is awakened by the familiar sound of her alarm. Similar to her work-style, she efficiently prepares for her day ahead. Debb recently celebrated her one-year anniversary as an order shipper and scanner – a role she quickly mastered. On a daily basis, you’ll find her diligently designating the correct paperwork for each product, double checking every individual order and scanning, securing and sending the specific products forward to be packaged. Not to mention the fact that she ever so often boxes lapel tac orders and lends her hands to smaller projects.

A Fast-Paced Environment

When she’s not bouncing around from order to order and project to project, Debb is an avid fisher, camper and volunteers her time working with horses and physically and mentally impaired children. In a past life, Debb dabbled in woodworking in the furniture industry, as well as interior plantscaping. She describes her current work at Terryberry as impressively fast-paced, stating her necessity to be “Very fast on her feet,” and that “Time goes by quickly.”
Cyrena has worked 6 years in the shipping department. She wakes up at 4AM every day to pack and run orders through either the FedEx or UPS computer systems. When she is off the clock and on her break, you can most likely find her crocheting, playing solitaire or reading. Previously, Cyrena worked in retail and as a nurse aid and library clerk.
Brooke begins her day at 3:30AM. Every morning before work, she accomplishes either a run or a workout and along with housework. As a shipping clerk, she works closely with Char and Debb. Outside of work, Brooke spends her time with her husband, cat and 86 year old mother-in-law. She runs everything from 5ks to marathons, she states “It keeps me sane.”
Her proudest achievement is that she has excelled in her position to the point that if Char is gone for a few days (never more!), that she can handle most anything that gets thrown at her.
Char wakes up at 4:30 every morning. She washes the dishes, folds a few loads of laundry, walks three miles and sends her son off to school. Now the Shipping and Logistics Supervisor at Terryberry, Char’s career path has given her an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of the complicated shipping process. Outside of work, Char is married with two children (27 and 13). An avid reader, she names the Kent District Library among her best friends. In the months ahead, Char looks forward to competing in the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, along with a 25k in May and the Grand Rapids Half Marathon in October.
Before finishing our conversation, we asked Char what brings her the most pride in her job. She responded, “When Mike Byam recognizes a job well done in her area of expertise, the shipping department.”
Also part of the team, Delores and Shelley have been in the department for one year; Eric, 2 years; Pam, 21 years; and Susan, 31 years.

Recognition for a Job Well Done

To boil it down, they strategically pack an order so it will be protected during the shipping process, and ship them out in the most appropriate way. Orders can range from a single tac to 2+ skids of full product. For the most part, throughout the department, the individuals work independently on their own orders. Brooke says, “We ship to almost anywhere in the world.” To pass the time, the department plays a game called “Name of the day”.

The Name Game

“We see hundreds of names over the course of the day…” Brooke added, “some parents are so inventive.”
When asked about motivation, not surprisingly across the board it’s a paycheck. But what also keeps these individuals motivated is the praise of a job well done. Feedback and recognition, sincere appreciation, is powerful stuff.
Thank you shipping department for all of your hard work and continuously keeping up the momentum. We wish you all success during your busy season!


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