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News Release: New Survey Reveals Employers Will Expand Recognition Programs for 2010

December 9, 2009

Grand Rapids, MI December 9, 2009 — A recent survey of North American Human Resource Professionals and business leaders indicates that Employee Recognition programs will be a large focus for businesses in the coming year.

One in three businesses will be expanding on existing employee recognition programs in 2010, while an additional 17% of businesses will be implementing an employee recognition program for the first time. The surge comes as business leaders seek to counteract low morale and burnout. Meanwhile, employers are preparing for a post-recession workforce, in which failure to provide adequate employee recognition could affect the ability to retain and attract key talent.

The survey was conducted between January and November 2009 by and the Terryberry Company, a North American provider of employee recognition programs. More than 1,000 Human Resource professionals from U.S. organizations participated in the online survey, answering multiple choice questions about their organization’s current employee recognition practices and employee recognition plans for the next year.

The survey indicated that nearly six out of ten of HR professionals feel that their top management fails to make recognition a priority. Only 38% of top managers are viewed as being very involved in employee recognition and leading by example.

“These survey results reinforce what we’ve been hearing from the marketplace,” says Mike Byam, Managing Partner of the Terryberry Company and author of The WOW! Workplace. “Businesses can’t afford to have key employees leave or become disengaged. It’s more important than ever for leaders to give recognition in a way that connects employees with the organization’s goals and objectives.”

As a result, more organizations are making a priority to get managers involved in providing employee recognition for their workers. Twenty-three percent of businesses plan to implement employee recognition training for their managers within the next year.

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