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"Make Their Day!" A Recognition Guide for Managers

January 24, 2011

Don’t let the whimsical cover of this book fool you. Make Their Day! by Cindy Ventrice is not warm, fuzzy fluff. It’s 190 pages of substance and practical application for leaders who want to be effective at inspiring people, communicating their vision, and creating a team that “gets it.”
In this book, Ventrice takes readers through a thought-provoking approach for creating a culture of respect and appreciation in the workplace. It starts with understanding that “recognition doesn’t come from programs; it comes from people.” She warns managers against sitting back and letting the recognition program do the job. She goes on to explain that recognition programs are a tool to help people provide recognition, but the program can’t do its job without sincere praise or thanks that comes from a human being.
Ventrice provides detailed, real-life examples of how recognition works (or doesn’t work) in businesses, with lessons that can be applied on a team, department or organizational level.
Make Their Day! also takes on the tough questions like how to handle issues of fairness and entitlement and includes some great bonus material like self-assessment quizzes and examples of recognition surveys.
This book is highly recommended to round out a managers’ library.


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