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Employee Recognition Letters Are Important

December 14, 2021

Studies indicate that one of the top workplace motivators for employees is to receive a written letter of recognition from a manager. Employee recognition letters are important for multiple reasons. However, a personalized letter of recognition reinforces great work ethic and loyalty. As a result, employees will be inspired to continue to excel in their work.

You can do more with recognition. Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform offers employee recognition and reward solutions that can be tailored just to you. It is an excellent way to build a better employee recognition culture within your organization. Whether is 

Different Types of Recognition Letters

Terryberry has hand-selected some of the best recognition letters from our clients’ recognition programs to share with you. These free sample recognition letters will give you a guide, spark creativity, and help you develop the best recognition letters for any occasion.

Years of Service Letters

Recognize your employees’ dedication to your organization with a Years of Service recognition letter.  These examples will give you language to recognize your employees’ career milestones.

Excellent Performance Letters

Let employees know that you’ve taken notice of their extra effort with an Excellent Performance recognition letter.

Points Award Letters

If your organization uses a points system for recognition, make sure you have a good way to let employees know when they’ve received points. Use our Points Award recognition letter samples to get started writing your own award points notification.

Welcome Aboard Letters

Show new employees how happy you are to have them join the team with a Welcome Aboard letter of recognition. A simple note to your new hires will make them feel welcomed and ready to start their job on a positive note.

Peer-to-Peer Letters

For your peer-to-peer recognition program, make sure your employees know it’s there and how to use it by sending out a notification letter explaining the program. Use these Peer-to-Peer recognition program announcement templates to get started.

Writing an employee recognition letter doesn’t require PhD in English, or for you to be the great great great grandchild of Charles Dickens. It’s easier than you think! Be sincere, be specific and value your time writing these letters. Feel free to check out Terryberry’s additional resources and recognition tools for  your employees.

Want to learn more about employee recognition? We’d love the opportunity to share our knowledge with you, connect with us today so you can better recognize your awesome employees.


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