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Terryberry’s Annual Employee Recognition Calendar has Arrived!

November 15, 2021

Have you heard of National Boss’ Day? Maybe National Nurses Week? Or National High Five Day? There are recognition opportunities around every corner. With so much opportunity, we understand that putting together a recognition plan can feel overwhelming. That’s why Terryberry has done the hard work so that you don’t have to do it. We are pleased to announce this year’s version of Terryberry’s Annual Recognition Calendar!

What is the Recognition Calendar?

Terryberry’s Recognition Calendar is a free resource created just for you. The calendar compiles twelve months of recognition to serve as a reminder of well-known holidays such as “National Boss’ Day” or “National Nurses Week,” as well as lesser-known holidays. For instance, have you ever celebrated your company’s favorite mailperson, National High Five Day, or maybe even Talk Like a Pirate Day? If not, maybe this is the year to start some new traditions in your office!

In addition to recognition opportunities, you will also find wellness-focused days and challenges like “Take a Walk in the Park Day” or “American Heart Month.” We have found that celebrating day like these help keep your team happy and healthy throughout the year. 

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 4th

Make someone’s day! Show your team you sincerely appreciate all of their effort, hard work, dedication, patience, teamwork, and all-around wonderfulness. Need some inspiration for Employee Appreciation Day? Check out this for some fun ideas on ways to celebrate.

National High Five Day is Thursday, April 21st

Does your team work across the world? Send a virtual “high five” with a “job well done” appreciation note. With Terryberry’s social peer-to-peer recognition program, employees can give and receive recognition for great work in real-time. Camaraderie will be felt no matter the distance!

The Benefits Recognition

Meaningful employee recognition is not only an investment in your company culture, but also your people. Making an effort to acknowledge your employees will empower them and help create a positive company culture, increase your revenue, and more!

  • Increase Employee Productivity: Creating a positive workplace where employees look forward to coming to work is a critical goal. Making your staff feel appreciated goes a long way toward increasing your results.
  • Increase Profitability: Engaged employees go the extra mile for their companies and can significantly increase the profitability of the business.
  • Retain Top Talent: Employees have their own strengths and ideas. Your top talent needs to know that you value their opinions. They also want you to notice when they have done something to make a difference.
  • Build a Positive Workplace Culture: Your employees will pick up on your culture long before you do. They will know if the company fosters collaboration, innovation, and other characteristics. When culture aligns with employee values, you are more likely to have satisfied and empowered employees.
  • Create a Collaborative Work Environment: Building a culture of appreciation can promote collaboration. Employees who feel valued, appreciate and respect their coworkers, are far more likely to collaborate than those who don’t feel their contributions matter and don’t trust or respect their colleagues.
  • Increase Employee Motivation: Employee recognition can also make a significant impact on employee happiness and overall satisfaction. Happy, satisfied employees are more motivated to perform at higher levels with the eagerness to work together while helping teammates to achieve company-wide goals.

Whether you are gathering ideas on how to implement a recognition program, or you are looking to add something fresh to your current program, the recognition calendar is a great place to start or supplement with new ideas. 

How to Experience the Recognition Calendar

Download the full annual calendar to print and reference holidays throughout the year. Exclusive to the downloadable calendar, you will get additional recognition ideas, tips, and challenges to participate in all year long. 

Need reminders that are a little more automated? Subscribe to our Live Calendar, which can easily integrate with your Google Calendar or Outlook. The Live Calendar will notify you of upcoming recognition holidays and make sure that you are always up to date when we add new recognition days.

Don’t forget that recognition and appreciation are for every day of the year, and unlike trends, fads, or some of this year’s holiday gifts, they never go out of style. Terryberry can help you get started creating your recognition program today.


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