Manager Driven Recognition Program

As leaders in the company, managers’ recognition of employees often carries the most weight.  Manager-driven recognition programs are a great way to ensure employees are receiving the appreciation they deserve and that their efforts are being noticed.

Happy bank manager shaking hands with a client after successful agreement in the office.

A Social Recognition Tool for Managers

With Terryberry’s Award Your Team program for employee recognition, group leaders have the tools at their fingertips to recognize and reward their staff for great work in the moment.

This powerful, yet cost-effective employee recognition platform makes it simple for managers to give their employees the recognition they need.  Managers can reward their teams on the spot for great work, review nominations from peers, and access powerful reports to spot rising stars and identify mentoring opportunities.

Create a Manager-Driven Recognition Program

Customized for your business and employees

  • Connect recognition to your team’s business and values.
  • Give employees on the spot recognition and reward points for great work.
  • Review reward and recognition nominations from peers.
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Cost-effective, flexible, and easy to use

  • An easy-to-use dashboard makes administration simple
  • Interactive format allows for peer participation
  • Reports help identify rising stars

Works with all reward and recognition programs

  • Sales & Safety incentives
  • Wellness incentives
  • Above and beyond achievements
  • Employee attendance awards
  • Channel partner incentives

Our Award Store

Terryberry offers an unparalleled selection of products that will motivate and inspire your incentive program participants to achieve their potential.


"Our leaders really appreciate having a tool to recognize our employees."

Jeremy Stephens AVP of HR Operations

Unlock recognition through employee & customer feedback

A single hub to house all of your recognition initiatives from one easy-to-manage platform.

Get started in no time.