No more "Employees of the Month"

September 12, 2008

One of the emerging themes that we are seeing from our employee recognition clients throughout North America is a shift from traditional manager only nomination schemes. Businesses are doing away with initiatives that could be viewed forever as “favoritism” or talked about as “it’s your turn to get recognized this month.” In order to address […]

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The Pen is Mightier…

September 10, 2008

True story: this past weekend my friend Joe hosted a little soiree at his home, and several friends and co-workers were invited. Over the course of the evening, somehow a conversation about homebrew morphed into talk about handmade wooden tap handles. At this point in the conversation (…and I promise, soon this will relate to […]

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Work Day Bingo

September 3, 2008

Recently when presenting to a Human Resources group in North Andover, Massachusetts about motivating employees there were some great informal ideas flying around the room. One Human Resource professionals from a nearby retirement community talked about a practice they have of quarterly Cover-all Bingo.If the employee teams hit certain metrics over the course of a […]

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Informal Worksite Recognition

August 20, 2008

Earlier this month I was in Amarillo, Texas speaking to a group of Human Resource professionals about recognition and we were sharing informal recognition ideas. A Human Resource professional from a local contractor firm spoke about a coveted award in their organization. She talked about how often times on a worksite when an individual is […]

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Nice Catch

April 29, 2008

We recently heard about a great informal peer to peer recognition program being used by a company in Mentor, Ohio. This manufacturing facility was looking to encourage employees to catch fellow workers doing extraordinary things and was charged with finding a way recognize these actions. The program they developed, the NICE CATCH award, started when […]

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Green Rewards

April 22, 2008

How can businesses encourage their employees to “think Green”? If environmentally-friendly practices are important to your business, consider recognizing employees who help your organization achieve its green goals. I was talking with an employer who recently gave out “GREEN MEANS GO” awards to employees who offered ideas for ways that the company could cost-effectively reduce, […]

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