Does Working From Home Improve Employee Wellbeing?

Hybrid working is here to stay, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing. As it turns out, hybrid working is really beneficial to both employees and employers. Not only are employees happier, healthier and fitter, they are also more productive and produce higher quality work than their office-going colleagues.  Below we will discuss the […]

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7 Creative Recognition Award Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement

March 28, 2023

We all like hearing “thank you” – it lets us know that our efforts are not only seen, but appreciated too. It helps connect us to a greater mission and make us feel that our roles matter. But, unfortunately, a “thank you” alone can become a bit lackluster over time. In fact, a series of […]

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Employee Disengagement: 7 Signs Your Employees are Disengaged (and What to Do About It)

March 27, 2023

A thriving workplace culture is built on employee engagement. It’s cultivated through employees who have an eagerness to work, a willingness to take charge, and a determination to achieve the company’s core goals.  However, creating an engaging workplace culture isn’t always easy. And unfortunately, low engagement oftentimes means money lost for the company. In fact, […]

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Gratitude in the Workplace: Its Benefits and 5 Ways to Get Started Today

March 23, 2023

The month of November sparks feelings of gratitude and generosity for many of us. And while this feeling is present for so many of us individually, we oftentimes don’t find a space for it at the office. But research is suggesting we should be bringing gratitude into the workplace. From increased engagement and productivity to […]

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Employee Life Cycle: The Complete Guide to the 7 Stages

March 22, 2023

Your business’s employee life cycle might be the most important insight into your success. Understand, master, and influence each stage of this journey to take control of your company and better shape its future.  Employees are every business’s number one asset. You can always make more money, find more customers, and build more products, but […]

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Employee Benefits Schemes: Why do you need them?

March 16, 2023

In recent years the take-up of employee benefit schemes has dramatically increased as more organisations strive to attract, retain and motivate their workforce.  From flexible working arrangements to pension contributions and financial support, employee benefits can significantly impact an employee’s experience and overall job satisfaction.    How does an employee benefit scheme work? Employee benefit […]

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Employee Engagement Activities: 6 Ways to Boost Engagement for Remote Workers

March 13, 2023

Remote work has a long list of benefits: no commute, greater flexibility, work-life balance, and complete location independence. The biggest drawback? The option to go out for lunch together or chat about your weekend isn’t as available or appealing. Employees are often spread throughout the country or world, and small talk on a Zoom call […]

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The Importance of Real-Time Recognition in Employee Reward Programs

March 9, 2023

Recognition and rewards have long stood as crucial components of many organisations’ employee engagement strategies. And for good reason too. Effective employee recognition and reward programs are unmatched when it comes to driving employee engagement, boosting staff satisfaction and retaining top talent.  However, offering just any solution can cause problems. Providing timely and meaningful recognition […]

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