Employee Recognition Webinars

See below for our series of employee recognition webinars.  These interactive seminars offer best practices and techniques for employee recognition, engagement, and wellbeing.

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Upcoming Webinars

The Electric Car Revolution


What if we could offer you a cost free, fully managed benefit which is funded by the employee, aids their financial wellbeing, supports your sustainability and ESG goals and could see you save over £100,000 in employer class 1 NIC if just 35 employees choose to select this benefit. ​​​​​Join Terryberry and Phil Gillespie, Head […]

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How to Build an Effective Employee Recognition Programme


Led by our employee recognition specialist, Abby Simmons, we’ll be looking at the fundamentals of building an effective employee recognition programme, from understanding where to start to implementation and building momentum amongst employees. We’ll give you the tools to have confidence in implementing an employee recognition solution that is guaranteed to succeed and increase employee […]

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The Importance of Recognition in the Workplace


We’ll be discussing why employee recognition in the modern workplace is vital for creating a thriving culture and organisation. You’ll walk away with an understanding of: Learning Objectives: How recognition positively effects employees Six key elements that make recognition successful The role of technology in recognition Presenters Adam Porter Sales Director Adam Porter is Terryberry’s […]

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