Employee Recognition Webinars

See below for our series of employee recognition webinars.  These interactive seminars offer best practices and techniques for employee recognition, engagement, and wellness.

Upcoming Webinars

Gaining Leadership Support for Employee Recognition


Presenter: Mike Byam The same question keeps coming up, almost without fail, every time we give a talk on the topic of employee recognition. How do I get my executive team to prioritize employee recognition, and how do I encourage leaders to participate in building the culture? Developing a culture of employee recognition within your […]

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Recognizing and Rewarding Your Top Performers


Presenters: Mike Kelleher and Mike Byam Description: What is your organization doing to effectively recognize and reward groups of individuals who: 1) Through performance prove a willingness to meet challenges established by senior management. 2) Generate and sustain your company’s growth. 3) Achieve specific performance levels. 4) Help build a tradition and culture of performance. […]

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The Gift of Change – Letting Go of Exhaustion, Confusion and Anger to Find a New Beginning


Attendees will acquire a better understanding of the change process, as well as learn about coping tools to work through transitions, ways to reframe their thinking, and the ability to find the gifts in change. HR leaders need to learn how to thrive amid unrelenting change. The pandemic, job losses, working from home, homeschooling, violent […]

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