Building Great Culture Starts with Recognition

Create an organisation that recognises and rewards every employee, no matter where they are in the world, with an easy-to-use, customisable employee recognition platform. With Be Recognised, you can empower your employees to celebrate each other’s achievements and build a culture aligned with your core values.

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Empower your employees with continuous recognition

Communicate every moment, no matter how big or small, with a platform that allows for real-time and continuous employee recognition, meaning moments that matter will never be missed.

Connect your global organisation

Wherever your employees are, create a united organisation across all teams, departments and locations

Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

Empower employees to celebrate and boost each other's successes and contribution to your business

Build a value-led company culture

Drive a company that embodies your core values by encouraging employee recognition that aligns with them

Be Recognised with Terryberry’s employee recognition platform

Motivate your team with peer-to-peer recognition

Our employee recognition platform allows your organisation to connect with employees wherever they are.

With a social recognition wall, employees can publicly or privately send announcements to their peers, tag your company values, easily reward colleagues with a quick boost or nominate their peers for an award.

You can also acknowledge and celebrate every moment with e-cards! From employee milestones, birthdays, promotions and more – you can send an e-card to congratulate and celebrate every important moment to your employees.


Give the gift of choice with meaningful rewards

With our automated points-based recognition platform, you can give your employees the gift of choice with access to an impressive reward catalogue, where they can easily redeem their points.

Employees have the freedom to either save up their points or spend as they’re rewarded, allowing them to choose from a range of products that suits who they are. We help you reward the individual for who they are and what they enjoy, building an inclusive culture for your organisation.

We integrate with your favourite work tools to make employee recognition easier

Stay connected with the Be Recognised App

From front line workers to senior stakeholders, keep your organisation connected with the Be Recognised app – available on IOS and Android. Whether your employees are out on the road or behind a desk, the app allows every employee in your organisation to be connected, right at their fingertips.


Never miss a moment with alerts and notifications

Put your mind at ease and never miss an upcoming milestone, birthday or work anniversary with automated alerts and notifications. We’ll take the stress out of remembering every moment by reducing admin tasks to ensure you can create a culture that is inclusive and celebratory.

Let our reward and recognition platform support you and your team every step of your employees’ journey, reduce your admin and increase employee engagement.

Watch employee engagement grow with our powerful reporting dashboard

Stay in control of your employee recognition programme with our reporting dashboard that provides you with data and insights about employee usage, allowing you to quickly identify any rising stars and understand which of your values are most aligned with your workforce.

You’ll also be able to manage budget at every stage, from allocation based on seniority to tracking of overall spend. It’s budgeting made easy.


Be Engaged, Be Exceptional

Create an engaged, purpose–led organisation through the power of technology