Employee Wellbeing Platform

Support your employees’ wellbeing, at work and at home

Take the first step towards a healthier and more successful workplace by incentivising your employees to prioritise their wellbeing with a platform that supports them mentally, emotionally, and physically. Be Well is the ultimate wellbeing platform that provides a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

Terryberry's step challenge app that includes leaderboards and geographical maps that make step challenges fun, engaging, and encourages more movement.

Did you know?

1 in 10

employees suffer from anxiety or depression

9 million

people across the UK will have ill health by 2040

50 days

on average of lost productivity per employee per year

Build healthy habits to drive employee engagement

Create a workplace that prioritises employees’ wellbeing with a platform that provides mental and physical tools that encourage healthy habits and happier employees. Be Well offers employee wellbeing programmes that increase staff engagement, expand corporate workplace health, build team camaraderie, and improve employee mental health.

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Increase Employee Productivity

Healthy employees are more productive, focused, and energised, leading to higher efficiency and output in the workplace.

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Improve Employee Wellbeing

Prioritising employee wellbeing creates a positive work environment, reduces stress, and enhances overall happiness among employees.

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Boost Employee Engagement

Emotional health and mental wellbeing are critical for a healthy work environment to foster creativity, innovation, and adaptability.

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Foster Team Camaraderie

Employee wellbeing programmes often involve group activities and challenges, fostering teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of unity among employees.

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Drive organisational growth

Employee wellbeing programs have an average benefit of 150% return on investment, according to a study by Rand Corporation.

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Improve Mental Health

Addressing mental health through wellbeing programmes can reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, and workplace stress, leading to a more resilient and focused workforce.

Healthy employees create a happy organisation

Encourage your team to understand their wellbeing with health assessments

Help your employees to understand their physical and mental health with an employee wellbeing platform that supports them every step of the way. Be Well’s wellbeing resources allow your employees to track their daily wellbeing habits from mindfulness, nutrition, sleep, weight, and mood, which helps them to understand different factors that may be affecting their everyday lives.

Employees can connect with and encourage their colleagues, share their diary entries, and receive daily tips to help them on their journey to better employee wellbeing.

Health Assesments

Engage your workplace with virtual physical challenges

Empower your organisation to step into healthy habits by participating in the ultimate virtual physical activity challenge. With Be Well, you can demonstrate your dedication to creating a healthy work environment, foster teamwork among your colleagues and encourage your workplace to thrive.

Created completely by you, these employee wellbeing challenges are an easy way to increase workforce involvement in health-enhancing activities, allowing employees to compete with themselves or against colleagues.

Whether your employees prefer to walk, swim, or even dance their way to victory, our activity converter makes every movement count with over 100 ways to get active.

Sync with all of your devices

Whether your company provides devices or it’s bring-your-own, we’ve got you covered.

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Support your employees’ mental wellbeing

Ensure that you are supporting your employees’ mental health with expert mental wellbeing content and support that can provide a lasting impact.

Be Well offers mental wellbeing content with the latest insights on the most common work-related illnesses and stresses, allowing your employees to expand their knowledge about wellbeing and identify ways to create healthier habits.

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